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relating to or being in apposition


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This particular appositive begins with a conjunction characterized by a history of creative and innovative uses.
The subjects of these essays require accompanying appositives and parenthetical phrases, whereas Woolf doesn't even require a first name, and this is precisely the phenomenon Cucullu addresses: the "structures [that] operate by producing specialists who suppress others as less knowledgeable and who selectively credentialize others to sustain, extend, and reproduce their expertise" (174).
The poem is an address to Christ's heart, "O holy auricles, venerable ventricles;' and features a list of musical and alliterative appositives, reminding us of yet another great master of Christian poetry, Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Further modification might add subordinate clauses, appositives, or the like.
Resumptive chains in restrictive relatives, appositives and dislocation structures.
they can serve as subject, object, appositives, etc.
Animals, dissections, and human biology were the topics mentioned most frequently, but the range went from appositives, spelling, and group composition in language arts to current events, presidents, and African American and Native American history in social studies, to fractions, multiplication, and algebra in math.
When O'Keeffe (1996: 100) reminds us that "[v]ariation is not simply the juxtaposing of appositives to slow down a narrative advance; variation is intrinsic to the poet's ability to meet the demands of alliteration", one can only agree with the basic notion and, simultaneously, question the key concept: for what is meant by "narrative advance"?
Most of AElfric's additions are of this nature, either explanatory appositives or interpretations commensurate with his exegesis.
The remaining three lack descriptive titles or defining appositives.
A typical adult response could be characterized as having more compact prepositional phrases and appositives, such as: