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relating to or being in apposition


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Examples (21)-(29) far from exhaust the range of so-called appositive structures.
The aim of this article is to show that the differences between English restrictive and nonrestrictive or appositive relative clauses are a consequence of the different positions that relative operators occupy in each type.
Fay contends that particularly flagrant examples of appositive thinking, or falsely identifying one term with (or even as) another, have occurred in the reportage of Hillary Rodham Clinton's activities in the White House and of the Thomas/Hill Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.
Therefore, this aspect of Old English syntax deserves greater attention than has traditionally been paid to, and a detailed analysis which--among other proposals--takes into account the possibility of considering split elements as appositive ones.
The lyrical river passage notably omits commas in two places where the grammar books would tell us they are essential: in the appositive "your hair your red hair that flanks you on either side" and in the command "George come here.
It promotes appositive rather than logical thinking, a high level of excitement, and an intellectually passive response.
As an appositive noun applied to individuals, isdu is attested only as part of personal names, where it must be understood as "the assurance of the continuation of a family," used in reference to a male child, as for instance in Isdu-kinum.
On the other hand, the colon seems to set off "Mental forms Creating" as an appositive to "the Universe stupendous.
Acuna Farina, Juan Carlos: The Puzzle of Apposition: On So-Called Appositive Structures in English.
Second, the primary reading of the lines makes "the known / Unknown" an appositive of "the multiform / name of the other," with "unknowable" an adjective qualifying both, but the punctuation of these three grammatical units makes them seem equal on a subliminal level, suggesting three names for the deity, like those of the Trinity: "the Other," "the known / Unknown," and "[the] unknowable.
Mary's identity as a black woman is reinforced by her italicized colloquial appositive - "Mammy of the South.
Ike's sense of this ancient code of honor slides into the renunciation scene in which he and his cousin are defined in opposition to ("againist") the tamed landscape, which is renamed by an appositive identifying it with the injustice and shame enacted upon it.
In the foundation of education through Hospital Accreditation they believe that these educations may improve the knowledge and ability of participants and give them appositive insight.
The appositive sentence thus conceives the event of Satan's fall in terms of exile from comitatus and also gives the idea of Hell as place of exile from Divine presence.
Th e kernel sentence is delayed, then interrupted by an appositive before the predicate is completed by yet another modifying phrase.