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Synonyms for apposite

Synonyms for apposite

related to the matter at hand

Synonyms for apposite

being of striking appropriateness and pertinence


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Then, as if he had well considered the sentiment, and regarded it as apposite to birthdays, he cried, 'Never say die
It had never yet, as between him and Newman, been so apposite to place on record the fact that he had not forgiven his daughter.
was the apposite remark made by His Royal Highness.
Flora, however, received the remark as if it had been of a most apposite and agreeable nature; approvingly observing aloud that Mr F.
There was no replying to this very apposite conclusion, and, therefore, Mr.
Crimsworth," was my not very apposite reply; but she looked so engaging in her light summer dress and little cottage bonnet, and her manner in speaking to me was then, as always, so unaffectedly and suavely respectful, that my heart expanded at the sight of her, and a kiss seemed necessary to content its importunity.
Tenders are invited for Repairing of sewage at peergate apposite mata mandir ward no.
It has been decided to prepare a self contained report with possible solutions for which it was considered apposite to solicit inputs from key police leadership in order to prepare a pragmatic and realistic report, relevant to the current challenges, the press release added.
Apposite Technologies' award-winning WAN emulation products provide IT professionals with high precision tools for benchmarking the performance of applications across wide area networks.
However, the nature of the written word is the opportunity to pause, reflect, and then edit - we can assume only that Mr Bebb feels it entirely apposite to think of, and refer to, his constituents in this manner.
UK-based outsourcing and energy services company Mitie Group plc (LSE: MTO) has disposed of the group's UK social care division to specialist healthcare investor Apposite Capital LLP for a cash consideration of GBP 2 (USD 2.
According to Levies sources, eight people were seriously injured when a speedy truck hit a flying coach coming from apposite direction near Sangar area.
com)-- Apposite Technologies today announced the release of the Apposite Recorder for Android to capture mobile network conditions for replay in Netropy and Linktropy WAN emulators.
This would include 'Flincher' Coloccini, a more apposite nickname than 'Fab'
All facets of this reference (including the title phrase's placement on the magazine's cover by the feminist artist Marguerite Zorach) prove apposite for Muller, whose prints, drawings, and expanded painting practice--encompassing paint on canvas, vitreous enamel panels, jewelry, quilts, and woven rugs--simultaneously look back to modernist precedents and reflect outward to the type of heterotopic and queer communal ideals she helped foster in the journal-based artist collective LTTR.