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given out in portions

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While we do not disclose amounts donated to charity projects, a part of the proceeds from the auction will be apportioned towards supporting two very deserving weekly charity oriented programmes -- Alam wa Amal TV and radio programme and Emarat El Kheir radio programme, both of which focus on local charitable causes," a spokesperson told Khaleej Times.
Before the break date the tenant emailed the landlord's agent stating that he had paid an apportioned amount of rent for the period September 29 to October 12, 2010, and asking the landlord's agent to confirm that this was OK.
The FTB has become aware of transactions involving apportioning corporate taxpayers that use one or more partnerships to improperly inflate the denominator of the California sales factor, thereby reducing the amount of business income apportioned to California for franchise or income tax purposes.
According to Fikret Bekir from the Bulgarian National Tobbaco Producers'Association, the protesters are demanding that due state subsidies for tobacco that has already been produced and sold should be apportioned evenly between the producers.
Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) has apportioned 72 percent of its revenue for paying salaries.
With so much blood spilt - the vast majority of it Iraqi - it seems to me that it is absolutely right that blame should be apportioned, that the guilty should be called to account.
Unconfirmed reports said that six of the investigators have apportioned criminal responsibility to six officials and disciplinary responsibility to a further six.
The combined air operations center (CAOC) must allow decentralized execution of ISR assets--particularly full-motion-video platforms--by delegating tactical control of platforms apportioned to Multi-National Force-Iraq (MNF-I) during execution.
When the state revenue commissioner determines the total market value of all property held by a public utility in the state, apportions the value between counties, and sets a tax assessment ratio, a county can modify the assessment ratio but not the apportioned market value, according to the Supreme Court of Georgia.
The tax due is to be calculated as if the apportioned amount of the digital good, computer software or service had been delivered to each jurisdiction to which the sale is apportioned.
One of these proposed measures is a change in policy regarding the way that delegates are apportioned in the ANA House of Delegates.
In Example 1 from the proposed regulations (discussed above), the gross receipts of the shoe would need to be apportioned between the sole and the rest of the shoe.
Efforts already under way have resulted in a trend away from insurers facing joint and several liability and toward several liability, in which financial responsibility is apportioned according to the blame assigned to each party by judge or jury.
The money, apportioned among the areas by population, can be spent on the three areas' streets and roads if the MTA board decides no ``reasonable'' public-transit needs are going unmet.