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Synonyms for appointment

Synonyms for appointment

the act of appointing to an office or position

a commitment to appear at a certain time and place

a piece of equipment for comfort or convenience

Synonyms for appointment

(usually plural) furnishings and equipment (especially for a ship or hotel)

a person who is appointed to a job or position

the job to which you are (or hope to be) appointed

(law) the act of disposing of property by virtue of the power of appointment

References in classic literature ?
In any case it must have been very recently, for the appointment was vacant eight days ago; a proof of which is, that the king refused Monsieur, who solicited the post for one of his proteges.
The count, in the presence of his tradespeople and of his servants, was engaged in praising or blaming, as the case seemed to deserve, the appointments, horses, and harness that were being submitted to him; when, in the midst of this important occupation, the name of Manicamp was announced.
By the by, De Wardes," continued De Guiche, "you who are so well acquainted with these matters, can you tell us, probably, what appointments are still vacant at the court; or rather in the prince's household?
The persons present thought important matters were being talked over, and the solicitors for favors and appointments kept at a little distance.
What was this very appointment, which appears in the journals of to-day, but a proof of his kindness to you?
When the Marquis of Steyne came abroad after his accident, the Colonial Secretary bowed up to him and congratulated himself and the Service upon having made so excellent an appointment.
No grievance policies or procedures exist for term appointees to challenge NASA decisions regarding non conversion of their term appointment to a career or career-conditional appointment.
This will allow us to offer that appointment to someone else, which will also bring down thewaiting lists.
Another appointment can then be scheduled for a more appropriate date and time.
About three years ago appointments started to be cancelled and in November 2012 a new appointment system was introduced where appointments were issued shortly before the due date.
The court ordered that NAB should investigate into these illegal appointments including the appointment of Raja Azim ul Haq, son in law of former PM Raja Pervez Ashraf and initiate action against those who are found responsible.
Founded in 2001, Appointment-Plus is the world's premier online scheduler helping businesses and organizations streamline online appointment scheduling.
Delays were largely due to the need to improve treatment pathways, for example, complete all diagnostic tests in one appointment rather than bringing patients back to numerous clinic appointments as well as the validation of waiting lists.
That, too, was an appointment at the infirmary and by the time I could go and collect it I had missed the appointment.
However, others do not turn up because they feel they no longer need an appointment and do not tell the hospital, or forgot they had an appointment.