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Synonyms for appointee

a person who is appointed to an office or position

Synonyms for appointee

an official who is appointed

a person who is appointed to a job or position

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I then articulate why evaluating ambassadorial performance can contribute to this literature by providing measures of individual- and management team-level performance of appointees and careerists in the same position.
All three appointees were criticized by Empower Texans, a conservative advocacy group spearheaded by Michael Quinn Sullivan.
Appointees are not allowed to serve more than two four-year terms on the commission.
Across the country, families and companies are making tough choices and the president is asking political appointees to be part of a government that is more careful and responsible with taxpayers' dollars," the official said.
Finally, all appointees must agree that, upon leaving government service, they will not engage in lobbying before any Executive Branch official or non-career senior executive service appointee for the remainder of the Obama administration.
NASA does not have any policies designed specifically to protect the independence of term-appointed scientists and engineers; however, federal whistleblower laws and NASA policies that protect the independence of career/career-conditional appointees also apply to term appointees.
I have received authorization from the president-elect's transition team to extend a number of Department of Defense political appointees an invitation to voluntarily remain in their current positions until replaced," Gates said.
Today's riddle: What do political appointees who are awarded career government jobs at the end of a presidential administration have in common with groundhogs?
SACRAMENTO (AP) -- The state Senate has rejected one of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's appointees to the California Community College Board of Governors.
The investigation grew out of a briefing for GSA political appointees by J.
Netburn - defending his performance amid a political firestorm at City Hall, where Villaraigosa has shaken up the LAHSA commission with five new appointees - said he should get a second chance.
For reasons that will quickly become understandable, I have been uncomfortable with all the condemnation of political appointees that has followed in the wake of Katrina.
Among the new appointees are: Deputy Mayor for Economic Development & Rebuilding Daniel L.
Plus, White House officials say they are considering nominating one of these new appointees to the Vice Chairmanship which opens up in 2007.
announced the first of 11 planned appointees of the new Commission on Systematic Interoperability.