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  • verb

Synonyms for appoint

Synonyms for appoint

to select for an office or position

to supply what is needed for some activity or purpose

Synonyms for appoint

create and charge with a task or function


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79-353, the Service ruled that the reservation by a decedent-settler of the unrestricted power to remove a corporate trustee and appoint a successor corporate trustee is equivalent to the reservation of the trustee powers by the settler.
Baumgardner, chairman and CEO, of Appoint Technologies, 714-632-9292/
ATI intends to wind down and dissolve Appoint, to reflect the business of Appoint as a discontinued operation in its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the period ended Oct.
Baumgardner, chairman, Appoint Technologies, 714-632-9292/
We are encouraged by improved retail sales of Appoint products in August, positive reviews of the Gulliver and Computer Crayon products in the trade press, and initial reactions to the Gliffic Plus Desk Set, the first units of which will ship next week.
Appoint designs, manufactures and markets advanced technology input devices for IBM-compatible, portable and Apple Macintosh computers.
Animated Desktop" now provides an additional value bonus for the Appoint Business Line customer.
The Board Chairman shall at the end of the third quarter contact the five largest shareholders in the Company, which then have the right to appoint the members to the Nomination Committee.
With dinosaurs appearing in a wide variety of software products, we felt that an entertaining and useful dinosaur theme hardware product would appeal both to retailers and to the consumers of all ages," said Cynthia Colmenares, vice president of sales at Appoint.
Picken, president and chief executive officer of Appoint Technologies, "The acquisition of AMT International will immediately broaden our offering to the computer peripherals market with a full line of high-performance modem products.
With the Crayon, Appoint is not only responding to the needs of the educational market, but also those of the retail environment," said Colmenares.
In the event that any such application is filed, such court may appoint a temporary Trustee at any time after such application is filed with it which shall, pending the final appointment of a Trustee, have such powers and duties as the court appointing such temporary Trustee shall provide in its order of appointment, consistent with the provisions of the Indenture.
Riordan has charged the council may appoint a panel that would be reluctant to question the status quo, in which the City Council has most of the power in city government.
The increasing popularity of laptops has created a need for input devices that are as easy and comfortable to use on the road as on a desktop," said Cynthia Colmenares, vice president of sales at Appoint.
Newly elected council members Jan Heidt and Jill Klajic said Monday that they plan to appoint new members to the city planning and parks commissions.