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an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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There was no coherent approach, for example, to appoggiature and other decorations.
Daniel Wroe put no particular stamp on the performance from the pit; some singers observed appoggiature and ornamented, and some did not.
For each of the three cantatas on which the study is focused, provided in this document are a full score with realized continuo and extracted parts; a piano reduction; an overview containing information on key, tempo, range, tessitura, timing, and musical characteristics and vocal skills required; IPA, idiomatic translations, and word-for-word translations for each; options for da capo ornamentation; indications for cadential delays in recitatives and traditionally expected appoggiature and trills.
That is, when found in a phrasal cluster, they should be articulated as "grace-note articulations," or appoggiature, tucked in just before moving to the next note.
Grace notes simply abound in his music: turns (gruppetti), appoggiature, repeated and staccato sounds, shakes, slurred notes (notes coulee) constantly arrest the attention of the student.
Mais le bel autrefois habite le present Le chevrefeuille nait du coeur des sepultures Et l'herbe se souvient au soir des vers luisants Ma memoire est un chant sans appoggiatures Un manege qui tourne avec ses chevaliers Et le refrain qu'il moud vient du cycle d'Arthur (325)