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an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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The prosodic appoggiatura is just as obtrusive as other appoggiaturas when overused, and, because it alters the harmony, it needs careful treatment.
Though the notes of the appoggiatura do not belong, properly, to the tonal system established by the chord, "they are indispensable to the expressive and contrapuntal life of music; let us preserve them by enlarging them.
Sacred oratorio maintained a degree of improvisational freedom throughout the latter half of the nineteenth century, enabling singers the scope to ornament melodic lines with an elaborate vocabulary of passing tones, turns, trills, appoggiaturas and other filigree.
The winner, Anurag Kashyap from San Diego, California, spelled appoggiatura correctly to win the championship after 19 rounds.
The 'Primal cell' ascends by thirds from Eb first to D, and then to C; 'Obsession' ascends by thirds from E to an appoggiatura D resolving to C.
Such a pursuit is very different from the echoing of Stevens in Ashbery mentioned above, or even Ashbery's echoing of William Cowper's long "wandering" poem, The Task; (26) such echoing functions as a grace note or even the leaning appoggiatura.
His account of the Allegro is very full, though it traces neither the diminution of the crucial thematic appoggiatura nor the chromatic intexion of the three-quaver group which together make the coda so urgent.
The author catalogues and explains the improvisatory tools used by gospel singers, including nonharmonic tones and traditional ornamentation such as portamento, glissando, and appoggiatura.
When Mackerras complained that there was "not one damn appoggiatura the whole evening," the reply was, "Herr Mackerras .
Since the table of contents is hardly revealing of the coverage, it is worth noting that the ornaments considered are: Chapter 6 - trill types: common trill, Triller von unten, Triller von oben, Praller, main-note trills; Chapter 7 - appoggiaturas: short and long, before dotted notes, appoggiaturas before main notes which are followed by rests, prebeat Vorschlage; Chapter 8 - Doppelschlag and mordent: Doppelschlag over a note, the Doppelschlag over the second note of a descending second, the mordent, inter-beat Doppelschlage (two types), the Geschnellte Doppelschlag; and Chapter 9 - arpeggio, slide (Schleifer), Anschlag (compound appoggiatura).
Many still tend to exaggerate certain devices, such as the accented appoggiatura, notes inegales and overdotting, often to the point of mannerism.
A close look at the 0167 tetrachord (played by the clarinet in arpeggio at measure 504) reveals stepwise movement of the pitches in the 'cello part in measure 1, which ultimately resolves in measure 517 to the D with its appoggiatura, E[flat], (Example 19).
And he brought a treatise from seventeen-something, saying you don't do an appoggiatura if there is an exclamation mark in the sentence.
1 of BWV 1001: the slur in the second beat is obviously too short, and should cover the whole group to the end of the beat; and there is a slur missing from the 7-6 appoggiatura in the third beat.
Byrd eschews a full close on A with an evasive cadence above which the b', serving as an appoggiatura to the a', is flattened to mitigate the tritone which would otherwise have arisen with the bass f; the harsh dissonance this creates with the a in the left hand is another contributing factor to the overall effect.