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Some respondents who reported poorly visible signs near sludge fields or who reported seeing no signs at all suggested that land appliers post large visible signs 2 weeks before application and for the duration of the event.
Two interviewees mentioned they had also received telephone calls about biosolids land application from politicians, residential developers, and contract appliers who sometimes report biosolids land application mismanagement by competing contractors.
The clip appliers, which measure 5mm in diameter, receive high acclaim with its less invasiveness.
Professor Oskar Emmenegger, says a regrettable trend has turned artisans into "non thinking appliers and users of products" and "their centuries of knowledge and experience with historical materials may slip into oblivion.
Under the new, non-exclusive contract, Applied Medical will supply endoscopic instrumentation including clip appliers, multiple trocar systems for abdominal access during laparoscopic surgery, Separator(TM) Systems for bladeless abdominal access, and endoscopic procedure kits designed to meet the particular needs of the physician.
Is it possible to redesign the process of care, pulling back from becoming relentless appliers of technology?
The roles--Greeks as inventors and of Romans as appliers and propagators of inventions--reappear throughout European cultural history in various casts as Catholicism of the South and Protestantism of the North in religion, as Italy and Flanders in art, as Great Britain and the United States in building and administering colonies and last, but not least, as the laborious preparations of the various national linguistic norms of the continent imitating the classical Latin and Greek canon.
This is because of the unique circumstances that may arise during the application of such information, the wide variation in competence and capability of users or appliers, and the need for highly skilled specialists.
1) law consists of rules; (2) rules are prior to particular cases, more general than particular cases, and applied to particular cases; (3) law is instrumental (the rules are applied to achieve ends); (4) there is a radical separation between government and citizens (there are rule-givers and appliers, versus rule-takers and compliers); (5) the person is a rational chooser ordering her affairs instrumentally.
This has led judges to promote a view that most of the public just doesn't buy: that they are no more than disinterested appliers of "the law" who bravely rush in to settle political controversies based on an impartial application of "the rules" as they see them.
The concept of legal policy, though, tends to emphasize the use of courts as policymakers, interpreters, and appliers.
two companies with long histories of medical innovation, which provide globally a broad range of surgical technologies and products (including energy devices, sutures, staplers, clip appliers, trocars and meshes) used to treat colorectal and thoracic conditions, women's health conditions, hernias, cancer and obesity.
Reusable devices are particularly popular in India; in fact, industry sources indicate that disposable clip appliers are rarely purchased.
Ethicon's surgical technologies and products (including sutures, staplers, energy devices, clip appliers, trocars and meshes) are used around the world to treat colorectal and thoracic conditions, women's health conditions, hernias, cancer and obesity.
As a summary the following products fall under the remit of this framework: Open Surgery Staplers and Clip Appliers; Laproscopic Staplers, Clip Appliers, Forcepts, Scissors, Trocars, Insufflation.