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a device for applying a substance

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In Group I (GI, 10,62 [+ or -] 4,8kg) the haemostasis method was electrosurgery with laparoscopic bipolar forceps (electrosurgical unit Emai BP150, 150W, forceps 42cm/5mm, EDLO S/A, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), and in Group II (GII, 11,2 [+ or -] 4,5kg) the method was a laparoscopic clip applier with titanium clips (33cm/10mm, Karl Storz Endoskope, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany).
In the room, there were a favorably big desk and chairs which could be used convenietly either by applier or by subject.
This conception of the study of Lawor, to some, the science of Law which we call legal positivism-a wide group of numerous, varied and contrasting schools of thought (4)--is not responsible, as it is vulgarly understood, for leaving defenseless the people and the appliers of Law against arbitrary, cruel and criminal laws in effect today and in oppressive and totalitarian regimes throughout history.
The clip applier may initially be controlled with two hands to provide support and more accurate articulation for placement, as with a stapler.
Si se acepta que las comillas evidencian que termino es el que esta siendo entendido como rigid applier, solo "oro" cumple con esta exigencia.
However, on the second point, Munich represents a liberal approach to patent law, while London, at the other end of the spectrum, is seen as a much more literal applier of patent law.
He said that filling of returns thereof by candidates for elections and the statements of assets and liabilities of the applier are also being under consideration for revamping.
Additionally, the intaglio or the design of the seal conveyed the identity of the applier of the wax--providing proof that the item was actually from the sender and was not a forgery.
A common upper pressure applier fits all sizes of pipe clamps.
One case (5%) was converted to OS because of uncontrollable bleeding following application of a malfunctioning clip applier on the splenic vein.
We saw two great jobs advertised this week; one was for Halfords testing their sleeping bags and the other in the south of France for a sun tan cream applier.
A force applier tip was especially constructed for this research, so the force was applied as close as possible to the bracket-tooth interface.
If necessary, a 10-mm clips applier or blood vessel sealing devices can be placed through the assistant's port.