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a device for applying a substance

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The Hem-o-lok[R] polymer locking ligation system is designed to give surgeons confidence in clip security -- secure in the applier, and locked on to the patient vessel.
The screen, which displays current operating settings, also allows the speed, tooling set up, lid applier and overcap choices to be chosen automatically when products are changed thus saving considerable time.
The Visu-Loc[R] laparoscopic 5mm single-patient use disposable Clip Applier using an innovative self-ligating clip technology.
Surgery Consumables/Items (Laparoscopic reusable clip applier, 30 cm,x5.
Covidien (NYSE: COV, BSX: COV), a leading global provider of healthcare products, today announced that its Surgical Devices business unit has launched the Endo Clip [TM] III 5 millimeter clip applier in the United States, Japan and throughout Europe.
Boulnois further stated, "In this highly competitive environment, Microline PENTAX is excited at the prospect that every single SSI customer in the South East will now have access to the finest laparoscopic reposable instruments in the market, including the best scissors, the best multifire clip applier for 10 mm trocars, and the only self-ligating clip used in laparoscopic surgery".
BARIATRIC SURGERY DEVICES II-43 Adjustable Gastric Bands II-43 Background II-43 Available Gastric Bands II-43 Adjustable Gastric Bands Marketed in the US and Europe II-44 Allergan & Ethicon Vie for Global Gastric Band Market Share II-44 Table 21: Leading Players in the Global Gastric Bands Market (2010): Percentage Share Breakdown of Value Sales for Allergan, Johnson & Johnson/ Ethicon, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-44 Intragastric Balloon II-45 Implantable Gastric Stimulator (IGS) II-45 Surgical Clamps/Gastric Surgery Clamps II-45 Clip Applier II-46 Endo Stitch II-46 Pneumoperitoneum Needle II-46 Surgical Staple II-46 Trocars II-47
As Srinivas holds an additional charge as transport commissioner, he will be also acting as applier and judge.
Orata could be accepted as the improver and the applier but not the inventor of the hypocaust system, and he became famous and rich from these works.
Also, they used a 5-mm clip applier on the cystic artery and duct and a 5-mm 30[degrees] laparoscope through the epigastric port.
This has created opportunities for companies such as Om Surgicals in India and Hangzhou Kangji Medical Instruments in China, which perform well in the low-tech surgical consumables markets, such as the access device, hand instrument, and clip applier segments.
Vectra A130 was selected for the lower jaw of a clip applier.