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a device for applying a substance

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While Fanuc Robotics (Rochester Hills, MI) certainly has one of the industry-leading seven-axis painting robots with its P-200E, and while it is a supplier of both robots and applicators to suppliers of bell systems, according to Martin D.
Before the implementation of the WPS, it was observed that little data about greenhouse applicator practices with regard to PPE were available.
When architects and contractors work with a metal applicator certified by PPG, they know that applicator has been trained and audited to provide exceptional levels of product quality and customer service," he explained.
The method entails mixing the compositions A, B and C in the container part to produce the hair cosmetic material, supplying the hair cosmetic material to the application part through the liquid-leading passage in the extension part to the applicator part and applying the hair cosmetic material supplied to the application part to hair.
ChloraPrep 1 mL provides clinicians with a preferred applicator design and the same formulation as all other ChloraPrep applicators but in a new 1 mL size.
The Fabulous Joy Applicator is also in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Dior Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Rosy Tan | pounds 40 Solid plastic packaging, useful square mirror and two double ended applicators make this very user friendly.
Chit Chat Eyeshadow Quartet in Charcoal and Smoke (pounds 1) Verdict:Good choice of colours which can be built to smoky eye plus two applicators.
has introduced a new brachytherapy applicator set which is hoped to increase treatment precision and aid comfort for patients suffering from bronchial cancer.
A few clicks of the software allow data to be sent from office to applicator without using a phone.
Features standard precision aerosol flux applicator with a deposition range of 4 to 25 mm, and an optional drop-jet applicator with dot size as small as 1.
The PA2000t features a smaller footprint, 15" wide x 32" tall x 30" long, than other printer/applicators, with a remote front panel for easy access, regardless of the orientation of the applicator.
An in-line spray applicator that precisely applies liquids ranging from light oils to thick batters onto baked goods, foods, poultry and meat has been introduced by Wilevco, Inc.
Tire breading applicator features independently adjustable top and bottom coating using flour, granular and non free-flowing breadings.
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