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readily applicable or practical


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The Cholan languages that restrict the applicative to dative, benefactive and addressee roles have imposed an animacy restriction on the applicative.
s at 200[degrees] C] Glass transition 59 58 62 [[degrees] C] Applicative test 200[degrees] 200[degrees] 200[degrees] curing C * 10' C * 10' C * 10' Gel time at 200 97 210 120 [degrees]C [sec] Gloss at 20[degrees] 88- 96 88-96 87- 97 -60[degrees] [%] Impact [in/lb] 0-0 0-0 0-0 Cross-cut GOTO GOTO GOTO adhesion (a) Flow [mm] 44 82 57 Acetone resistance 3 4 4 Thickness [[micro]m] 70-80 70-80 70-80 (a) Cross-cut adhesion is based on EN ISO 2409: The basic principle of cross-cut adhesion is to cut through the coating with a series of several cuts at right angles.
Discussions focus on issues related to broadband internet, the new generation of mobile networks, along with presentations of specific applicative software solutions.
She said that former PM AJK Raja Farooq Haider was also following the same line adopted by Mian Nawaz Sharif and had forgotten the fact that while receiving BISP forms, he was quite applicative of BISP and termed it a very useful programme.
Moreover, the big scientific and technological forge of Physics is also preparing a great applicative fall-out in the fields of Medicine (new instruments for diagnostic imaging, new cancer therapies, new radio-pharmaceuticals), Energy (solar, thermodynamic, revolutionary solar panels, nuclear fusion), Networks (Grid), Calculation, Materials, Security, Environment, etc.
The applicative dimensions of these methods are going to be analyzed comparatively with the already recognized analysis models.
Contemporary Economics: An Applications Approach" is a lesson on economics that uses applicative methods to teach readers what they need to know about economics.
It is a standard package, with applicative modules of an operative and management type.
Improvements to dedicated applicative tools: The time-saving unbending capabilities have been enhanced to work in more situations including "unfold" and "L-Unbend", for unbending sharp corners.
Clarke lists the patterns that are active in humour as positive repetition, division, completion, translation, applicative and qualitative recontextualization, opposition and scale.
Such applicative reading, Corley suggests, cultivates a critique of world, self, and others that Edward Said calls "worldliness" Karen Dieleman moves from reading to writing, considering the ways in which a writer's participation in communal worship practices might shape texts, taking as her exemplar Elizabeth Barrett Browning's generative use of liturgy.
Here, Prasad convincingly demonstrates that stories told in everyday life, being simultaneously reflective and applicative, are the best source from which to discern the practical effect of normative regimes, including texts, on ethics--a methodology with implications far beyond Sringeri.
In the constructive applicative action of security we cannot exclude the people in their double position of creators and consumers of security, but especially as decision factors.
8) The distinction between the semiotic plane (sign) and the semantic plane (discourse), developed by Emile Benveniste in essays that form a watershed in the study of linguistics in the twentieth century, corresponds in many ways to the distinction between the normative plane and the applicative plane.
Applicative questions were subdivided into personal use, health and lifestyle, and school--and job-related questions.
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