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However, Java applets did invigorate the tech industry's imagination on what was possible in a browser environment.
The INSIDE Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/Chip 4 payment applet is the first in a planned family of certified branded applets, and is part of the company's ongoing development effort to offer a comprehensive suite of pre-tested or certified branded payment, access control and banking applets.
The TrueMotion Streaming Java Applet software offers several advantages over competing technologies.
With the availability of the VaultSEcure IC, smartphone manufacturers, mobile network operators and other trusted third parties can co-own the SE and install, personalize and administer their own open- or closed-loop payment, access control, transit, loyalty or other secure applets.
Without Appwerx EXPRESSO applet initialization would occur only after the full 265Kb is downloaded.
A free CD can be made by downloading a sample Applet from www.
JavaRazor helps users quickly and easily create Java applets that contain interactive buttons and animations for Web pages, without knowing how to code in Java itself.
Predictive Downloading Algorithms that Predict which Components Will Be Needed Based on Aggregate User Behavior: AppStream is a server-side technology that dynamically evaluates the user requests and options, and delivers applet components based on how other similar users have interacted with the applet.
Applet guides users swiftly through the creation process, producing all of the necessary code as well as testing the applet -- no Java or HTML experience is necessary.
On Microsoft Windows platform, the SecureXML Java Applet seamlessly integrates with ActivCard Gold and Litronic NetSign CAC middleware for CAC demographic data access.
Snowbound Software's expert imaging developer tools, powerful web imaging applets and viewers, and rapid batch document and image conversion programs support over 100 different file formats and are designed to increase productivity and profitability across numerous vertical markets.
It used to be that applet programmers and testers had to manually create test cases for every applet developed.
0 offers Finjan's applet content scanning and hostile applet protection to the millions of corporations maintaining UNIX technology.
Adding to the already-robust feature set, Sigaba announced several unique capabilities, including a digital signature service and the world's first embeddable secure IM applet.