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distilled from hard cider

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Other movers on the value end at Applejack include Ruffino Prosecco and Moscato, Korbel, as well as Cavas from Segura Viudas and Cristalino.
is like how applejack liquor was made," said Professor Edward Stolper, who went on to explain:
Andrea, from Sunderland, has released a CD of Dolly's best loved material, called Stormy's Daughter, and will be celebrating the life and music of the singer in her show, Andrea, who mimics Dolly's sound and phrasing, will be singing country classics such as Coat Of Many Colours, Applejack, Jolene, Islands in the Stream, I Will Always Love You and 9 to 5.
Breckenridge Brewery of Denver, CO, recently collaborated with Applejack Wine & Spirits to produce Holidale, a version of Breckenridge's Christmas Ale, dry hopped and aged in whiskey barrels.
Charlie Applejack, fan of superhero Commander Ron and subject of Charlie's favourite adventure books, certainly does.
SUNDERLAND, VT -- Applejack Art Partners has released a new comprehensive catalog, which features the culmination of ideas, trends and direction from Applejack's "New Box" collection of artwork.
NW): Are all offering Applejack Old Fashioned cocktails.
Available at numerous liquor stores in Colorado, including Liquor Mart in Boulder, Applejack Wine & Spirits in Wheat Ridge, Argonaut Wine & Liquor in Denver.
Genesis: a major quake along a minor fault Path: applejack whiskey and wine eye-for-eye reduced to tit-for-tat What comes after "next"?
Although their cultivation may be apollonian, the recombinant potato, super-cannabis, applejack, and the rare tulip are intended to satisfy the dionysian appetite for pleasure.
It is an indescribably fast and furious combination of the slide, slop, funky chicken, mashed potato, camel walk, shimmy, applejack and quiver.
Paul Pacult's "Kindred Spirits," of apple brandy in the form of applejack.
My Little Pony fans of all ages can look forward to November 3, 2017 to see the Mane 6 - which also includes Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Applejack - embark on a journey beyond Equestria in order to protect their home from a new dark force.
The folks at Laird claim their liquor has a Presidential pedigree: George Washington mentioned their Applejack in his diary, they say, and Abraham Lincoln sold Applejack at 12 cents a half-pint in his tavern.
Dance demonstrations include the Flying Home Harlem Style, Bebop improvisations, the Mombo, and an Applejack Challenge.