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any tree of the genus Malus especially those bearing firm rounded edible fruits

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Aunt Olivia was married at five o'clock in the orchard under the late apple tree.
Jo spent the morning on the river with Laurie and the afternoon reading and crying over The Wide, Wide World, up in the apple tree.
You gave me thirteen pear trees, ten apple trees, and forty fig trees; you also said you would give me fifty rows of vines; there was corn planted between each row, and they yield grapes of every kind when the heat of heaven has been laid heavy upon them.
I've seen twelve thousand acres of apple trees," Saxon said.
He strayed down a walk edged with box, with apple trees, pear trees, and cherry trees on one side, and a border on the other full of all sorts of old-fashioned flowers, stocks, sweet-williams, primroses, pansies, mingled with southernwood, sweet-briar, and various fragrant herbs.
Reading an apple tree is like reading a book, once you learn the language in this case observational, you will find the information needed to grow healthful apples without spraying.
Each of those seeds could grow an apple tree of a different type.
Apple Tree Cottage, Ellingham, is for sale through Turvey Westgarth at a guide price of pounds 325,000, tel 01665 606898.
The girls, both pupils at Eastlands Primary School, Rugby, come to the event every year with their mum and dad and both had the chance to place some cider-dipped bread on the branches of the apple tree.
like i feel and i feel like some bullshit apple tree won't give me
Aldi believe they've found the secret to keeping skin looking younger for longer - thanks to an apple tree Their latest range of skin products include PhytoCell, an anti-ageing ingredient from the rare Swiss apple tree 'uttwiler spatlauber'.
HM the King launches apple tree development project in Tounfite for an amount of 21 million dirhams.
Little Rock investment adviser Steve Kiefer and his Apple Tree Asset Management Inc.
Summary: A piece of Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree is being carried into zero-gravity space on the next Nasa shuttle mission.
APPLE TREE, sire of David Pipe's popular hurdler Lough Derg, has been transferred to stand at Beech Tree Stud in Somerset, writes Martin Stevens.