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a grove of apple trees

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Apple Orchard Bank was completely blocked off by police on the Skelton bypass roundabout side.
24 will include a trip to an apple orchard in Council Bluffs and a workshop on ways to use apples in baked goods, sauces and butters.
Additional N supply is required to improve nutritional status of apple orchards in the study area and consequently optimising sustainable orchards' productivity along with fruit quality.
From the hard work that bees do to help plants grow, to the daily care of an apple orchard, to kids learning how to ride horses at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, to the construction of a John Deere Gator riding vehicle at the Peg Perego factory, John Deere Farm Days 1 is a whirlwind tour, peppered with catchy songs by James Coffey.
Tesco are doing a great two for PS2 offer on Fairy apple orchard washing up liquid (630ml).
The remainder of the book covers how to cultivate an apple orchard and use the fruits for baking, preserves, and fermentation, including an appendix of suggested uses for different varieties.
GARDEZ (PAN): A number of apple orchard owners in southeastern Paktia province on Wednesday complained they sold the fruit each time for a very low price in the absence of a proper market.
The Apple Orchard is first in a new series and is set in California's Sonoma County, where the story explores family and friendship as a young woman expert in tracking down stolen heirlooms involves her in a puzzling case and a handsome banker, who informs Tess she stands to inherit half of a hundred-acre apple orchard in Sonoma County.
The first apple orchard in America was planted near Boston in the 1630s.
Even during the worst of growing seasons the apple orchard will still bear edible fruit in relative abundance.
In October, the Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) broke ground on an expansion of its Historic Apple Orchard.
We entered through an apple orchard and were suddenly pinned down by machine-gun and small-arms fire.
Visitors can enjoy a performance by Morris dancers Elephant up a Pole before a re-enactment of the wassail in the apple orchard.
7 MW ground mounted solar installation at the Middlesex Apple Orchard Complex in North Brunswick Township, New Jersey.
Barber's Orchard was a 438-acre productive apple orchard for many years, EPA reported.