apple canker

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a disease of apple trees


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Either way, this is the month to treat your trees against apple canker.
A I'M afraid this is a classic case of apple canker, and a pretty bad one, too.
Apple canker is a fungal disease, often entering at a pruning cut.
Woolly aphid does little direct harm to the apple - although it may cause some distortion - but the pests suck sap, sometimes creating holes that allow infections such as apple canker to enter.
ATHIS sounds like apple canker, a fungal problem which is quite common and which you may also find on pear trees.
They feed rather like normal aphids, sucking plant sap and, although this rarely significantly weakens the tree, the wounds it creates may allow apple canker disease to enter.
AIT sounds as if they have succumbed to apple canker (Nectria galligena).
A The fungal disease apple canker is to blame and has caused the rough, loose patches of bark.