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someone who applauds


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How can you be an applauder any more if you cannot attend a PhD programme in your country, because all PhD positions are available for the sons and daughters of professors?
If Al-Sisi is truly a smart leader, then he should ignore the slimy praise and remember that his applauders will be the first to turn against him if, for one reason or another, his fortunes change in the future.
Loukaides censured Anastasiades for not consulting with opposition parties on the raft of measures but he "invited them to attend the communications fiesta set up to announce them as spectators and applauders.
There was last week an interesting article by political commentator Jonathan Green that Romney and his people had mistaken clapping for claque-ing, the latter term referring to an organised body of professional applauders in French theatres and opera houses.
Parents will be the likely readers - and applauders - of the underlying frustration and message in this picturebook which is couched as a bedtime story but offers a sardonic - and fun - tale about parenting.
But she has wonderful diction and certainly caught the consoling resignation of the final song's acceptance of death - shame some braying premature applauders didn't.
House of Representatives Eric Cantor - among the most enthusiastic applauders of Netanyahu's speech - pledged to enhance Washington's support for the Jewish state as "its only democratic ally in the region," although by saying so, he overlooked the entire Arab Spring.
Two weekends ago we heard Gergiev suffer at the hooligan hands of American premature applauders at the end of a moving Parsifal at the New York Metropolitan Opera.