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Synonyms for applauder

someone who applauds


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How can you be an applauder any more if you cannot attend a PhD programme in your country, because all PhD positions are available for the sons and daughters of professors?
If a person is behind many applauders, or the people to the side are applauding, the person is more likely to applaud.
Even the applauder usually can't distinguish her own noise from that of her fellows.
Yet that does not mean that I have been a blindfolded zealot applauder of everything our politicians do in foreign relations.
Twice in our Solitude has now appear'd Such Verse as Rome throng'd with applauders heard And twice Her Horace been to us reviv'd As prais'd and pollish'd as to them he liv'd.
Noticeably, the most furious applauders were House Speaker Sonny Belmonte and Secretary Edwin Lacierda.
Applauders: And then a group of applauders took action.
If Al-Sisi is truly a smart leader, then he should ignore the slimy praise and remember that his applauders will be the first to turn against him if, for one reason or another, his fortunes change in the future.