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worthy of high praise

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Sirisena's efforts for reconciliation and inclusive governance are applaudable as they can go a long way in bridging the gap lying between Singhalese and Tamils and Muslims.
After her first applaudable entry into the glamour world as the adorable Rachel Green, the world has fallen in love with the star.
Efforts of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to implement Warehouse Receipt Financing (WRF) in Pakistan are applaudable and needs to be supported by all the stakeholders.
The private music sector's influence in shaping the copyright bill is neither an applaudable triumph of transparent policy making nor an indication of the full-fledged dominance of market powers.
It is applaudable actions such as this which will help foster, in small steps, reconciliation.
A response was nothing less than imperative then and, though still tainted by familiar flaws, Newcastle duly obliged with a performance of applaudable spirit and character but also dashed with sufficient slices of derring-do.
They'll find spending money at 100 yen shops 100 times more enjoyable than at our equivalent pound shops and slurping noodle soup positively applaudable, whatever their mams back home may have brought them up to believe.
Whatever the outcome maybe, what is applaudable is their willingness to change.
Perhaps it is applaudable if Mr Fox considers the economic threat so dire that he is willing to abandon political expediency for the common good.
Focus on Industrial sector is applaudable as no country can become a world power without a strong industrial base.
PING PONG PG, 76mins Just opened AN applaudable documentary following eight players in the over-80s division of the World Table Tennis Championships, ranging from champ Terry, who has cancer, to Dot, 100, who needs a wheelchair to get to the table.
Our applaudable achievements in Sharjah are not only suitable but furthermore ideal to be applied in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE," said Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO at Bee'ah.
While applaudable to be enthusiastic, it does become cheesy.
While such initiatives are applaudable, at the end of the day, it's all about results, which are measured in a variety of ways depending on the objective.