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  • verb

Synonyms for applaud

Synonyms for applaud

to express approval, especially by clapping

to express warm approval of

Synonyms for applaud

clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

express approval of

References in classic literature ?
Deep lines appeared on his forehead; for it is an awful thing for a football enthusiast to be compelled to applaud, in the very middle of the Cup-ties, purely by means of facial expression.
I respect and applaud your indifference to fine poetry when you can contemplate the meretricious charms of this young person.
Of course," added the prince, "he wished us all to applaud his conduct--besides yourself.
Fouquet's wealth, - they admire and applaud the result produced; but the dead, wiser and better informed than we are, know how that wealth was obtained - and they rise up in accusation.
There is not a GOOD woman in London who would not applaud me.
At this moment, anchor broken out and headsails running up, Captain Van Horn, whose quick eye had missed no detail of the incident, with an order to the black helmsman turned to applaud Jerry.
Men often applaud an imitation and hiss the real thing.
I have only to sign my dishonored name, and every one will understand and applaud my motive for writing as I do.
Sneerers and prophane wits may perhaps laugh at her first fright; yet my graver reader, when he considers the time of night, the summons from her bed, and the situation in which she found her master, will highly justify and applaud her conduct, unless the prudence which must be supposed to attend maidens at that period of life at which Mrs Deborah had arrived, should a little lessen his admiration.
We applaud the California Legislature for unanimously passing this important resolution," said AJC Los Angeles Regional President Dean Schramm.
com)-- Applaud Women LLC's magazine has always been a place where women readers can find information and inspiration.
Please feel free to applaud zealously the Egyptian generals who conducted a coup and massacred people in its aftermath.
Applaud Services, a leading provider of IT Managed Services, Professional Services and Cloud Infrastructure, has partnered with ShoreTel, a provider of unified communications.
Newcastle-based Orchard Information Systems has acquired Applaud Web Solutions in a deal advised by Newcastle commercial law firm Muckle.
I felt, like Salma and Ishtiaq, that it would have been hypocritical for me, as an anti-war campaigner and an anti-imperialist, to applaud an award given for everything I oppose.