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Without this social control element, appetitive tendencies towards alcohol may have been unchecked, and given the lack of skill acquisition in the support group, participants may have had no means of coping with implicit cognitive biases towards alcohol.
Learning and memory play critical roles m the appetitive processes that contribute to the regulation of alcohol consumption.
On the one hand, there are those, the proponents of Socratic intellectualism, who maintain that the desires of the appetitive part of the soul are good-independent or "brute" desires and that they sometime overtake the rational part of the soul.
due its predictive relationship with appetitive or aversive stimuli).
As the play opens, Macbeth reveals himself caught between rational and appetitive will, virtue and social esteem, unable to integrate them like Banquo, who, to the "dauntless temper of his mind, / .
Insofar as feelings apprehend values, the Scholastic distinction between apprehensive and appetitive faculties breaks down.
Given its important role in goal-oriented behavior (O'Doherty 2004), the orbital and medial prefrontal cortex (omPFC) could play a pivotal role in regulating the impulse to eat in response to highly appetitive cues in subjects with food addiction.
Desire presupposes love, even though love, the principle of every appetitive power, is not reducible to desire.
High doses of EGB 761 (100 mg/kg) enhanced acquisition and retention in appetitive operant conditioning in adult mice (100 mg/kg EGB 761, Winter, 1991), short-term (but not long term) memory in a passive avoidance test in aged mice (100 mg/kg, Stoll et al.
The stimulus value of the partner can range from very appetitive to very aversive, depending on whether vulnerable behavior in the relationship has been mostly reinforced or too frequently punished.
It has been suggested that environmental toxicants that trigger long-term alterations in the programming of 5HT function contribute to appetitive and affective disorders, and resulting increases in the incidence of obesity, diabetes, and depression (Slikker and Schwetz 2003; Toschke et al.
The daughter is either denied an autonomous sexual role, and, like Percy Shelley's Beatrice in The Cenci, cast as "a creature formed to adorn and be admired," who suffers a "perpetual contamination both of body and mind" (18) from her father's violent realization of his own desire; or, alternatively, she is reduced to her aberrant, appetitive sexuality, and positioned as instigator of the incestuous relation.
As noted before, and here put in somewhat more detailed Aristotelian categories: Just as the object of the intellect, the highest human cognitive faculty, is the true, so also the object of the will, the highest human appetitive faculty, is the good.
1988} Conditioning of appetitive and consummatory behavior in male Japanese quail.
First, researchers should design studies that can distinguish the effects of appetitive and aversive motivation.