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Synonyms for appendix

Synonyms for appendix

supplementary material that is collected and appended at the back of a book

a vestigial process that extends from the lower end of the cecum and that resembles a small pouch

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The myriad appearances of the appendix can make diagnosis of acute appendicitis challenging.
When it ruptured, the infection brewed where the appendix was sandwiched between the back of his abdomen and the intestine.
Type A: Single caecum with one normally localised appendix exhibiting partial duplication
However, over a few hours or sometimes days, the symptoms increase in intensity and the pain moves to the lower right hand side of the abdomen, directly over the area where the appendix is situated.
We also figure that the appendix has been around for at least 80 million years, much longer than we would estimate if Darwin's ideas about the appendix were correct," he said.
A: Single caecum with one appendix exhibiting partial duplication.
Appendix D presents prevention messages designed to resonate with younger teens, who are particularly likely to abuse these medications.
Appendix C--Expendable items and their NSNs, including wet bulb-globe temperature kit and materials to test and purify water, ensure food safety and control insects and rodents
Infectious fluids released by the burst appendix had to be drained from his body days before his appendix could be removed.
Appendix A lists all the teachers of moral philosophy in the universities of Bologna, Florence-Pisa, Padua, Pavia, Rome, and the Collegio Romano through 1600 and sometimes beyond.
Requires use of a contracting office's DoD activity address code (DoDAAC) in the first six positions of a solicitation or contract number, instead of the DoD activity address number (DoDAAN) found in DFARS Appendix G.
Meeting in Bonn, Germany, delegates placed the great white shark in the treaty's Appendix I.
However, Appendix 1 provides the resolutions, recommendations, and declarations put forward on units of measurement and on the SI since 1889 by the General Conference on Weights and Measures and the International Committee for Weights and Measures.
Appendix A gives analyses and recommendations for the case studies presented earlier in the book.