appendicular artery

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the branch of the ileocolic artery that supplies the vermiform appendix

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The appendicular artery approaches the tip of the appendix at first nearer to and then in the edge of the meso-appendix.
The arterial supply of appendix showed that the appendicular artery origin was mainly as single artery from inferior division of ileocolic artery and the other variations were mentioned in the Table-2.
The course of appendicular artery is varied depending on the position of the caecum and appendix.
Accessory appendicular artery is a branch arising from posterior caecal artery which can lead to significant intra operative and post-operative hemorrhage.
Figure 4: Single Appendicular artery (AA) arises from inferior division of ileocolic artery and additional branches to the appendix from posterior Caecal artery and ileal artery.