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surgical removal of the vermiform appendix

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This study highlights the risk of secondary trocar induced iatrogenic bladder injuries during laparoscopic appendicectomy.
A history of trauma as a risk factor was available in one patient, three had zygomycosis affecting intramuscular injection sites, one had involvement of appendicectomy wound and one had Plaster of Paris cast as the risk factor.
In the vast majority of patients, the abscess resolves and interval appendicectomy may be performed electively.
At induction of general anesthesia for an appendicectomy, she was given thiopental, fentanyl and suxamethonium.
More recently, it has been used to produce normative data for uptime in children (Eldridge et al 2003a) and to compare uptime in children post open and laparoscopic appendicectomy (Eldridge et al 2003b).
In May 2001 the patient underwent bilateral subphrenic peritonectomy, partial pancreasectomy, splenectomy, appendicectomy, and cytoreductive debulking of neoplastic nodules larger than 3 mm.
The case for clinical audit of emergency readmissions after appendicectomy.
Nicole was taken to the accident and emergency department of Good Hope, was admitted to hospital and the following day had an appendicectomy - the surgical removal of the appendix.
Between January 1995 and July 1996, 271 consecutive patients with a clinical diagnosis of appendicitis underwent emergency appendicectomy at Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children, Dublin, Ireland.
A seven-year-old male underwent a laparoscopic appendicectomy, with anaesthesia comprising propofol induction, sevoflurane in air/oxygen maintenance and intravenous morphine analgesia.
Don't give your child anything to eat or drink in case an appendicectomy under general anaesthetic is necessary.
Following reduction of the caecum, the perforation was repaired in two layers and an appendicectomy was performed (Figure 5).
appendicectomy, laparotomy for penetrating abdominal trauma)--26%
The authors of this recent paper compared the safety and efficacy of antibiotic treatment versus appendicectomy for the primary treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis using a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.
We performed a total excision of the lesion and appendicectomy.