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Synonyms for append

Synonyms for append

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for append

add to the very end

fix to

state or say further

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Email Append Services has been in this business for quite a long time and has offered some of the best solutions and services.
The new DOTS Email Append is a hosted XML web service with a published API.
When in doubt, append supporters suggest starting with individual matches only and subsequently, test household matches.
In many cases, the factors that lead people to buy your product do not depend on data that you can buy to append to a prospect file.
Change the query to an Append query, appending each column to the relevant fields in the Selling and Admin Outflows table.
Records with phone numbers prior to the append will:
Use the Direct Labor Budget table as the record source, and change the query type to Append to the Manufacturing Outflows table.
The first query is an append query named "Beginning Cash Balance" that uses the Beginning Cash Balance we put in the Reports Menu form and appends Subtotal, DetailLine, and Qtr1 to the Cash Budget table.
This involves the process we've been using over the last few months of creating a series of Append queries to add data to a table.
Change the query type to Append, and set it to append to the DM Cash Payments table.
The second query is an append query using the Product table.