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Synonyms for appellative

the word or words by which one is called and identified

Synonyms for appellative

identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others

inclined to or serving for the giving of names


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Divine appellatives decrease from 18% of total names to 11 %.
Geographical Distribution of Names with Divine Appellatives
The distributions at the four Judean sites are remarkably uniform: the dominant element is yhw (86%-67%), followed by 'l (16%-9%) and divine appellatives (12%-5%).
The use of b'l and divine appellatives decreases in the later centuries, while the use of the yahwistic theophoric elements increases in the later centuries.
Using the old recordings, it has been shown that the contemporary appellatives ura and ora are two variants of one word.
The appellative -urg is also known in the areas of Estonian western dialects, e.
In the Karelian language, in the old Finnish literary language and in Finnish southwest and southeast dialects the appellative orko represents a low slowly foresting slope that might have a wet bottom.
The appellative urg : ura is not known in contemporary South Estonian Voru language area.
Sandred's (1991) research into "anomalous" inflections, "the majority of which are found in boundary surveys", leads him to conclude that a "change of inflection is no proof that the appellative itself has undergone a change of gender or has two genders"; rather, we are dealing with "a change of inflection connected with the use of the word in a new toponymic context" (Sandred 1997: 325, 323).
That these Vedic forms are not hypocoristics to compound names or denominatives to appellatives, but should rather be identified with the Iranian forms above and interpreted as patronymic or pro-patronymic formations or as patronymics/pro-patronymics that have come to be used as proper names (34) is made clear by RV bhrgavana-.
The problem is the noun ghosa-, and whether it should be taken as an appellative or proper name.
References in documents from the state of Wu [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] show the use of several different appellatives for Shu Han.
Given Xi's boldness in presenting his theory of legitimacy and dynastic succession to the Eastern Jin court, concerns for his own safety were not likely issues in his choice of appellatives for Shu Han in his history.
In addition to exposing the contemporary appellatives used for Shu Han, the names also reflect the relations between the states.
37] Despite the multiple interpretations of "ji" in these cases, the use of the appellative "Han" to denote the Lius' state is consistent.