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Synonyms for appellative

the word or words by which one is called and identified

Synonyms for appellative

identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others

inclined to or serving for the giving of names


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And, as we have seen in the case of La modification, individual readers might perceive a text as more or less dialogic, depending on their receptivity to the appellative force of you.
In general, YWHW's name is His appellative and He Himself, so it can be YHWH's hypostasis or emanation and found anywhere.
Jedoch im Lettischen finden sich keine Vornamen, die zuruckgehen auf Verwandtschaft, auf Familienmitglieder bezeichnende Appellative.
The appellative of Modist refers to the central role that the modes of signifying (modi significandi) acquired in the formulation of their theory of speculative grammar.
Sandred's (1991) research into "anomalous" inflections, "the majority of which are found in boundary surveys", leads him to conclude that a "change of inflection is no proof that the appellative itself has undergone a change of gender or has two genders"; rather, we are dealing with "a change of inflection connected with the use of the word in a new toponymic context" (Sandred 1997: 325, 323).
Adding new findings to his earlier work, he discusses such topics as the nominal status of proper names, mono-referential appellative expressions, proper names between common nouns and personal pronouns, non-prototypical proper names, and socio-onomastic aspects of Flemish personal names.
The poetry in this period is marked by the use of appellative and patriotic themes.
Eisner's proposal of a French summer's day man raises the question of why a translator would not have rendered such a descriptive appellative literally, instead of resorting to a confusing combination of English and French words.
But in a local Cumberldand usage prominent in Wordsworth's lifetime it was an appellative for a land-holding yeoman, presumably of that segment of the independently working population who fiercely resisted any government imposition upon the price of corn and the control of taxes.
Further, they function with "something of the nature of proper nouns;" they exert a sheer appellative force.
The appellative -urg is also known in the areas of Estonian western dialects, e.
Media reports alleged that President Georgi Purvanov and Mikov had attended a party thrown by the newly elected chairperson of Sofia's Appellative Court, Vesselin Pengezov, hours after the tragedy near Yambol.
Sociologically speaking, however, since they have, for a significant period of time, inhabited a geo-cultural territory that is indeed the United States of America, the desire to opt for the appellative of "Italian" as opposed to the binomial "Italian American," might readily, to paraphrase a popular disco tune of the 1980s, make us want to go Hmmm.
Both DEPN and Mills take the first element of THEMELTHORPE (Norfolk) to be a personal name (OE *Pymel or ON *Pymli/*Pymill), but the early forms suggest that we are rather concerned with the appellative OE pymel m.
Aside from being the largest appellative court in the country, it also scrutinises all cases of public interest.