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Synonyms for appellant

one that asks a higher authority for something, as a favor or redress

Synonyms for appellant

the party who appeals a decision of a lower court

of or relating to or taking account of appeals (usually legal appeals)


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To a question of Mian Jaffer Hussain a leading advocate service matter expert, Hafiz Tariq Nasim said that there is no provision exists in the Service Tribunal Act 1973 which explicitly provide that upon the death of appellant or civil servant, his appeal will abate (consigned to record or filed).
The appellants are the American Association of Meat Processors, American Meat Institute, Canadian Cattlemen's Association, Canadian Pork Council, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, National Pork Producers Council, North American Meat Association, Southwest Meat Association and Mexico's National Confederation of Livestock Organizations.
But if a decision of the planning board involves interpretation of the zoning ordinance, the appellant must first appeal to the ZBA before going to the superior court.
The manner in which respondent ( Centre) has interpreted the policies and imposed penalty in complete violation of the fundamental rights of the appellant is not only anachronistic to the constitutional value of liberal democracy but also inconsistent with prevailing practices worldwide," the appeal added.
The board's decision to reject Cheung Chau as an eligible home port was challenged by the appellant fishermen by way of judicial review in which the court ordered last May that a differently constituted Fishermen Claims Appeal Board be formed to reconsider the appeal cases concerned.
The court also adjourned the case of appellant Abdulla Mohammed Habib who was given a seven-year imprisonment sentence over charges of attempting to murder a number of police officers and taking part in illegal protests for terrorist ends.
41) Under these rare circumstances, a conflict PCA is unassailable, and similarly situated appellants will invariably receive disparate treatment.
The ultimate damages claimed by appellants include the inability to rebuild and remodel the nightclub, activities that would have been facilitated by payment of the proceeds of the building and personal property coverage that Western withheld.
to act for the benefit of an appellant, empowering the court with an
Likewise, no Punjabi translator was available to assist the appellants.
The general rule is that appellate courts can grant affirmative relief only to those parties who sought such relief as appellants or cross-appellants.
After the Appellees answered the Appellants' complaint, Appellants filed a challenge to the constitutionality of the Georgia Law which provides: In an action involving a health care liability claim arising out of the provision of emergency medical care in a hospital emergency department or obstetrical unit or in a surgical suite immediately following the evaluation or treatment of a patient in a hospital emergency department, no physician or health care provider shall beheld liable unless it is proven by clear and convincing evidence that the physician or health care provider's actions showed gross negligence.
In any event we accept the submission made by counsel for the appellants that DI Lewis would now be liable to be cross examined about his part in the Welsh Bomb Trial and about how it could have occurred that additional words appeared in a typed copy of notes made by him.
However, as a councillor, I am more than happy to advise potential appellants on the process, and would have done so forms Wright, had she only asked me first, instead of implying that I was responsible for the issue of tickets.
Using a firm which has solicitors and planners under one roof makes things much easier for appellants.