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Synonyms for appeasing

intended to pacify by acceding to demands or granting concessions

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Wagging the tail appeasingly downward, but if it is held clamped to the body, the dog is even more fearful.
Men offer their bodies appeasingly, to prevent outbursts of hostility.
The Hague, the same city where the farmer's son, Colijn, with the creased face of a melancholic bloodhound, spoke to the citizens appeasingly, while a few hundred kilometers away the Germans were exercising their troops like possessed madmen to conquer Europe.
He is not ashamed to turn to God for answers while his opponent looks appeasingly to the French.
Listen to the hissing noise, and when you know the mixture is working 'good,' keep it from acting like an atomic bomb as you stir appeasingly every day," cautioned a writer in 1947.