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someone who tries to bring peace by acceding to demands

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In anticipation of this presidential opposition, the appeasers came up with a game-plan: ask the Jaffna Commander to prepare a report on how best to dismantle the Jaffna HSZ.
From other shallot's properties we can point to reinforcement of kind's power, increase in urine repulse, healer and recovered of wounds and appeaser to spleen's and liver's fervor.
One thing the old bulldog Churchill certainly did say: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile--hoping it will eat him last.
The constant theme is that Weygand was 'never an appeaser of the Germans'.
He would be destroyed if he emerged from the process after months of talking as a failed appeaser.
66, Abhishek Chopra on Appeaser came in third, accumulating an aggregate of 61.
Lyons: The Tame Tasmanian challenges the view that Joe Lyons was an inept appeaser who failed as prime minister in the external arena.
Kotulski says her sister bore the brunt of Millie's anger more than she for Tina played the comedian the clown and the appeaser.
Washington, Dec 3 (ANI): Republicans spent much of the year portraying President elect Barack Obama as a socialist and an appeaser who would kowtow to America's enemies, but have started heaping praise on his national security and economic teams and at times gushing more than even some Democrats.
Unlike Obama the appeaser, John McCain will obliterate the Sufis in four years.
Now he has, as Knowsley North MP George Howarth pointed out, the worst approval rating of any PM since the appeaser Neville Chamberlain after Hitler invaded Norway in the first year of World War II.
I'm a reluctantly retired Cold Warrior, not an appeaser.
This was most classically demonstrated in 1956 during the Suez Crisis when British prime minister Anthony Eden (a former appeaser himself) almost comically imagined that Gamal Abdul Nasser was a reincarnation of Hitler or Mussolini.
But to some unionists, another Churchill quote came to mind: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last.
WINSTON CHURCHILL said, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.