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a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appeals

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Directs members of the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board to prohibit state legislators from participating in appeals coming before them.
The three-member UIM Appeal Board chaired by Germany's Kimon Papachristopoulos conducted a lengthy meeting that went on late into Saturday, with no decision taken.
Cellino appealed against that decision and his case was heard by an FA Appeal Board in January 2017, which upheld the decision of the Regulatory Commission on liability but reduced the ban to 12 months and the fine to PS100,000.
The Appeal Board includes a chair, vice chair, and seven to nine members, including at least one ARM and one Executive CPM of an AMO Firm.
The Item Appeal board is currently searching for a new president.
Three members of the appeal board decided I wasn't guilty, and two thought I was, so it was all down to the chairman, who had the casting vote.
The article states: "Only recently did Parent produce two long-overdue reports on the malfeasance of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board.
A PSYCHIATRIST who sat on appeal boards deciding the pensions of retired Welsh police officers, has been struck off by the GMC for an inappropriate relationship with a female patient.
The players, including ex-Liverpool and Everton hopefuls, pleaded their cases in front of an FA appeal board two weeks ago.
The Police Medical Appeal Board was highly critical of the police authority, which had claimed he was not entitled to a disability pension.
Omni then appealed to the property tax appeal board (PTAB), submitting its own appraisal of $43,250,000.
An independent appeal board yesterday announced that they have upheld the original punishment, which saw Stretford banned for nine months and handed an additional nine-month suspended ban.
In the Bohs situation, when it was discovered I offered exactly the same scenario, to replay the match, and I'm delighted to see that the appeal board recognised that sporting principle.
Under pressure from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, in December 2005 Meier--who did not respond to telephone and e-mail messages seeking comment--relented and approved the Dykes on Bikes trademark.
A statement on the FA's website read: "At an appeal board hearing, an appeal by Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been dismissed.