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Synonyms for apparently

it appears that


Synonyms for apparently

Synonyms for apparently

from appearances alone

unmistakably ('plain' is often used informally for 'plainly')

References in classic literature ?
With respect to the apparently sudden extermination of whole families or orders, as of Trilobites at the close of the palaeozoic period and of Ammonites at the close of the secondary period, we must remember what has been already said on the probable wide intervals of time between our consecutive formations; and in these intervals there may have been much slow extermination.
We might therefore expect to find, as we apparently do find, a less strict degree of parallel succession in the productions of the land than of the sea.
If the several formations in these regions have not been deposited during the same exact periods,--a formation in one region often corresponding with a blank interval in the other,--and if in both regions the species have gone on slowly changing during the accumulation of the several formations and during the long intervals of time between them; in this case, the several formations in the two regions could be arranged in the same order, in accordance with the general succession of the form of life, and the order would falsely appear to be strictly parallel; nevertheless the species would not all be the same in the apparently corresponding stages in the two regions.
The Renaissance learning, the apparently boundless vistas which it had opened to the human spirit, and the consciousness of his own power, evidently intoxicated Marlowe with a vast ambition to achieve results which in his youthful inexperience he could scarcely even picture to himself.
Indeed his blasphemous boasts of superiority to the gods seem almost justified by his apparently irresistible success.
1577 his prosperity declined, apparently through his own shiftlessness, and for many years he was harassed with legal difficulties.
In his early manhood, apparently between 1586 and 1588, Shakspere left Stratford to seek his fortune in London.
He lay muttering incoherently some little time; then for a time he lay silent, and apparently sinking away toward death.
It also says, even though India lost the series 0-4, the tour apparently revealed the fighting nature of Kohli.
Iranian television showed one of the players apparently pick the live explosive up, thinking it was a piece of harmless debris.
Marc Jacobs apparently doesn't pay his underage models (except in Paris, where it's the law), although apparently he and the underage models are cool with it.
This apparently bumps leadoff incumbent Rafael Furcal to the second spot.
Apparently, it is the intent of those who have harnessed this process to mesh these "lifestyle" data with conventional risk information for the purpose of rendering insurability determinations.
Apparently, the manufacturer won't guarantee that the fiber is not derived from genetically modified corn.
Apparently that's what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when a physician and two nurses decided to play God and end the lives of a number of their patients with a deadly cocktail of morphine and Versed, a sedative.