apparent motion

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an optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object

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The same patient could perceive apparent motion across the midline.
Optic flow is the C apparent motion of the landscape relative to the insect as it flies through it.
Optical flow (Horn and Schunck, 1981) is an estimation of the apparent motion (velocity) of objects within an image sequence.
The greater the apparent motion, the nearer the star.
The cube itself, depending on the viewer's position in relation to it, may appear planar or volumetric, and seems to shift from stasis to apparent motion.
One alternative explanation is that the displacement pattern resulted from apparent motion between the location of the launcher and the location of the target.
Our results showed that intermediate representation was not formed by mental rotation in depth rotation (the flipping strategy), however, Kourtzi and Shiffrar (1997, 1999a, 1999b) showed that the intermediate representation was formed by the apparent motion of rotation in depth and plane.
This apparent motion of the sky varies depending on where you are on the Earth--so latitude, or where you live is important.
We wanted to freeze the apparent motion of the bullet, so we chose the shortest integration time (shutter speed) for this camera, which is 10 [micro]sec.
The potential benefits of reducing apparent motion strategies in the IT paradigm have been discussed by Chaiken and Young (1993) who suggest that IT could become an important tool for assessing cognitive performance independently of motor involvement.
Two theoretical explanations of ambiguous apparent motion are discussed (Fourier and correspondence hypotheses).
The occurrence of apparent motion both during and after body rotation has a long observational history (see Wade, 1998 a), but it was not subjected to experimental scrutiny until the late eighteenth century.
Latitude (position north-south) could be read by observing the apparent motion of the sun.
Through history, the specific motion we have been calling time is the apparent motion of the sun as it crosses the sky.
The same effect can be used to calculate the distance to stars, by measuring the apparent motion of a nearby star compared to more distant background stars.