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Synonyms for apparency

the property of being apparent

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Gahn says these findings are consistent with something called the "plant apparency theory," which states that the most readily seen plants are those that are most likely to be attacked by predators.
Other sparse information on the excretion behavior of spiders suggests that they minimize the apparency of their excreta at their normal hunting level in the vegetation.
2) and lower the physical apparency of host plants so that females do not lay as many eggs per leaf on lupines that are overtopped by tall grasses as they do on lupines surrounded by grasses of the native stature (Severns 2008a).
The philosopher further notes that "there are degrees of apparency and, so to speak, lighter and darker shadows of appearance"; he asks "Why should the world that is relevant to us not be a fiction?
The chemistry of defense and apparency in the corollas of Nicotiana attenuata.
the rarely glimpsed bright face/behind the apparency of things.