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Remove your strange apparel," said Chal-az, "and I will fit you out as a true Galu.
I could not have been more pleased with any weapon, short of a rifle, which he could have found for me, since I have been adept with the rope from early childhood; but I must confess that I was less favorably inclined toward my apparel.
But the Anemolians, because they dwell far thence, and had very little acquaintance with them, hearing that they were all apparelled alike, and that very rudely and homely, thinking them not to have the things which they did not wear, being therefore more proud than wise, determined in the gorgeousness of their apparel to represent very gods, and with the bright shining and glistening of their gay clothing to dazzle the eyes of the silly poor Utopians.
Therefore it would have done a man good at his heart to have seen how proudly they displayed their peacocks' feathers; how much they made of their painted sheathes; and how loftily they set forth and advanced themselves, when they compared their gallant apparel with the poor raiment of the Utopians.
For to the eyes of all the Utopians, except very few, which had been in other countries for some reasonable cause, all that gorgeousness of apparel seemed shameful and reproachful; in so much that they most reverently saluted the vilest and most abject of them for lords; passing over the Ambassadors themselves without any honour; judging them by their wearing of golden chains to be bondmen.
The woman seeing the state of the weather--had thoughtfully brought a box with her, containing a change of wearing apparel.
I was about to observe, Sir,' he said, 'that though my apparel would be too large, a suit of my friend Mr.
She also added that when a sport team is hot, related apparel sales sizzle, which is why licensed products are more than an $11 billion industry at retail.
Apparel Retail - Global Group of Eight (G8) Industry Guide
Translation: more players means more uniforms and apparel to meet the demand.
As hard as it may be to believe, men actually spend more money and shop more frequently than women for sports apparel, according to a recent study conducted by the Sports Apparel Products Council of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.
Datamonitor's Apparel Retail: Global Industry Guide is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the apparel retail industry.
Schoolmen who ordinarily ordered customized apparel are now facing budgetary and delivery restraints that afford less time for specialized apparel.
As an NFL promotional partner, Sears also will play a part in the "Little Giants" Super Bowl Sweepstakes by offering contestants Sears gift certificates, which can be used towards all "Little Giants" and NFL apparel purchases.
com/research/86c958/whos_buying_appar) has announced the addition of the "Who's Buying Apparel, 3rd Edition" report to their offering.
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