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a humorous but derogatory term for an official of a large organization (especially a political organization)

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a communist who was a member of the administrative system of a communist party

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the apparatchiks and economic bureaucrats, who benefit most from the institutional and economic status quo.
April 18 issue) is right on target with its reporting that Council on Foreign Relations apparatchiks in Washington are touting an overthrow of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, it did not mention possible hidden motives.
After all, sports apparatchiks do not play any sport, or coach any sport, or shell out their own cash to watch any sport, so their energies are directed at creating opportunities for their own advancement in the management and administration of sport.
But there was no sign of a party down on its luck as Labour candidates and attendant apparatchiks gathered in Barry College's International Centre for Aerospace Training.
Hdadeh told party apparatchiks at a newly-established LCP office in the northern Beqaa village of al-' Ayn that the country finds itself hemmed between Hariri-instigated sectarianism {without calling him by name} and the Youth Movement for the elimination of the sectarian regime.
I realise that human rights activists, political correctness apparatchiks and bleeding heart liberalists will disagree with me on various points.
It was a vast monolithic body, an enforced union of diverse countries with an undemocratic central decision-making structure led by immovable apparatchiks.
Instead, we've been privy to our Prime Minister reassuming his mantle of Chancellor with a string of expensive spending plans, as apparatchiks obsessed about the resignation of Ruth Kelly.
It's about time MPs on the Commons Health Committee made these faceless apparatchiks answer for their incompetence.
Perhaps before the current Tory apparatchiks consider turning UK country against country they should reflect on the history of the effect of their decisions.
Little wonder the writerly apparatchiks vilified what they dared not ignore.
A neutral redistricting plan will help independent candidates by reducing the political dominance of special interests and party apparatchiks during the primary season.
Russian intellectuals were in a rush to naively proclaim the end of ideology during perestroika, when they witnessed top Soviet apparatchiks turning the Communist regime into their own enemy.
On a cold, sunny Saturday in December, the Republican Party of Virginia introduced the RNC's new-style electioneering scheme to apparatchiks from around the state.
10 apparatchiks and Tony Blair himself put as much effort into building the peace in Iraq, three soldiers might still be alive today.