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Synonyms for appalled

Synonyms for appalled

struck with fear, dread, or consternation

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I am appalled that we are presented with the arrival of strong young men who are certainly not children.
I was appalled when I read the Daily Mail on Saturday and saw them saying that he hated Britain.
THE great-grandson of Coventry City's founder Willie Stanley says he's appalled by Sisu's threat to move out of the city.
I, LIKE many other Midlands Today viewers, am appalled at the way Suzanne Virdee has been treated by the BBC at the Mailbox.
SO our friend Mark Holt from the Stop the War Coalition is appalled six soldiers are killed in Afghanistan (ECHO March 15).
We are appalled that scammers are targeting people to defraud their money and we are working with the authorities to close them down," said Mr Hunter.
DAVID Cameron has said he was appalled the Government must reform the sex offenders register and put the rights of paedophiles and rapists above protecting the public.
PRIME Minister David Cameron has said he is appalled the Government must put the rights of paedophiles and rapists above protecting the public.
I am appalled she used her position in such a way," the Daily Mail quoted Loveridge as saying.
I have moved to Scotland from West Sussex and have been appalled by the Scots attitude to food.
Upon reading the blurb at the bottom of the page detailing how you might plan to properly take a picture of Hillary Clinton about to get eaten by a shark (Pistolsmithing, Sept/Oct) I was appalled at the flippant attitude with which Hillary's potential drowning and consequent devouring by the shark was approached.
I am equally appalled at the e-mail generated from this same group of guys a few days later that did not include an apology for their remarks but rather gave nonfactual excuses for their behavior.
We are totally appalled at any suggestion that Kate had anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance," the statement said.
An appalled Peggy tries to stop anyone giving him alcohol and keeps a scared Ben away from his ranting father.
One reason I resigned with relief from New Labour in 1997, having been appalled at what I found at preceding conferences, was the utter nonsense of its reliance on Christian socialist principles.