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having the power to prevent evil or bad luck

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Here, Scott deploys another metaphor of the body politic, a trope familiar to eighteenth-century writers, who often sought to "wield the image of the disfigured, overloaded body apotropaically, aiming to reinforce ostensibly natural proportions between land and money and between labor and commodities" or, in this case, between the admittedly central British nation, England, and its outlying Celtic partners.
This mechanism is accompanied by ecstatic ritual practices, in this instance, an aetiologically-based report of the whirling dance, gustu, which is apotropaically motivated: 11.
13) Put another way, it is almost as if Gombrowicz's reading of Schulz summons up a face for him which he must deflect apotropaically, not merely by "wincing" or turning away "Bruno's regard," but by fitting him with a mug.