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having the power to prevent evil or bad luck

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In Massignon's mind the Satya-Haqq connection is sufficiently strong to conclude that Gandhi's attachment to Truth, Satya, was akin to al-Hallaj's attachment to Truth, Haqq, and that makes Gandhi--who, like al-Hallaj, was killed for his public proclamation--a witness of Truth, one of the apotropaic or substitute saints, even, as Massignon wrote, "the last of the saints.
It is used as a sprinkler in orthodox church and has apotropaic functions (often seen over the rear mirror of Romanian cars together with pictures of saints, for example saint Christopher), it is taken to the church to be blessed by Romanians on the Assumption Day of Virgin Mary (15th August) in the sanctuary of Cacica (Pol.
Other topics include archaeology and textual evidence from Sanballat, questions of Assyrian activity in the West, and an intriguing article by Susan Ackerman on apotropaic figurines and other protective traditions used for doorposts and elsewhere as a possible avenue of interpretation for cryptic references in Exodus 38:8 and 1 Sam 2:22.
As Ramsay MacMullen has pointed out, (2) in festivals, gestures, apotropaic rituals, and tomb-side meals, paganism found a stubborn, subterranean life that aristocratic bishops, no doubt like their aristocratic pagan forbears, found it difficult to understand.
According to Eusebius, Constantine put "the trophy of the cross" on his battle flags; because of its apotropaic powers, he always used the "saving sign" at the head of his armies for protection.
The Israelites used sacrificial blood as an apotropaic or spiritual detergent.
The burning of magical and psychoactive plants continues with the heirs of these entheogenic traditions, as with the surviving Mandeans, and the Shia of Iran, who bum ephedra and Peganum harmala for apotropaic purposes.
Retracing the meanderings of a river, but also the coils of the apotropaic serpent--the charmers plaything, "naked host to my many selves"--denizen of a rough, dry terrain plunging down, shooting out, or twisting back on itself on the occasion of the poems transformations.
47) De Quincey's reading of the knocking in Macbeth as a kind of apotropaic ritual is seductive, particularly in that, like Shakespeare's play itself, it compares Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to hellish fiends.
Perhaps anticipating the condition in which she could not work has an apotropaic effect, or at least intent.
As the subject of an increasing amount of recent critical interest in romantic studies, "Obi," or obeah (the latter usually appears adjectivally), was a West African apotropaic art associated with Koromantyn or Gold Coast peoples.
The author goes on to examine the theory of fertilization and of the social significance of date palms developed by Edward Tylor, as well as the role of the cherubims and winged genies and the utensils held by the latter such as cones and buckets, which were thought to have apotropaic virtues.
In "Frizzy Hair" for example, I needed a dictionary to untangle the terms apotropaic, saltatory, occipital extrusion, and snood.
Collections of witchcraft images may have even had a kind of political apotropaic effect when combined with other works in a private art collection: "Ultimately, the danger of a collector indulging his curiosity was offset by the didactic utility of the works of art and nature in the Kunstkammer.
Wu has manifested itself in an agonistic, apotropaic outlook on disease.