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  • verb

Synonyms for apotheosize

to raise to a high position or status

Synonyms for apotheosize

deify or glorify

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Anyone who has apotheosized the Kennedy brothers will walk away from Freedom Riders with second thoughts about the virtues of Camelot.
Wars, revolutions, financial panics, political scandals, and economic crises--he has come through them all, not only unscathed but almost apotheosized to demigod status.
The result is an apotheosized government that becomes "the chief weapon in a political [and intrinsically 'religious'] war of all against all" (Yeager 2001, 249).
And it is here, I think, that we see Duncan apotheosized as that mountain she had referred to in her letter of August 1966.
Quite recently, Ford's film Cheyenne Autumn was given a TV showing and it proved in many unforgettable images how Ford apotheosized a world in which the fife and drum of the US Cavalry 'inspired not dread but deliverance' as Peter Cowie so rightly says.
Two of its thirteen songs are apotheosized lyrics for an absent father.
This made Dostoevsky, when he encountered a world view which apotheosized what was anathema to Orthodoxy, uniquely equipped to detect its Satanic essence, and to answer it.
And though Delahanty himself was--at least by the standards of the dead-ball era--something of a slugger, baseball in the 1890s was a matter of outwitting and outsmarting the opponent, the tight "inside baseball" strategy apotheosized in the scrappy, devious Orioles managed by Ned Hanlon.
Wolitzer's column/cartoon is funny, of course, in the same way that the scores of entries in the annual "Faux Faulkner" contest are funny: it picks up easily recognizable Faulknerian tics--here the temporalization of space (the genealogy) and the spatialization of time (the map) apotheosized in the exalted and deeply troubling Yoknapatawpha material of Absalom, Absalom
156), founder of the Way of Five Bushels of Rice [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in Shu who was apotheosized as "Celestial Master.
Fall is the reverse side of The Beach," writes Sarduy in the introductory note to the play, "instead of the body apotheosized and eroticism, the body degraded and death" (60).
130), and this passionate quest culminates in the apocalyptic visions of the final section, where 'the original girl in the gig struck by the coach has become identified with all the victims of war', but 'has also been apotheosized into a national, public symbol of English victory at Waterloo--Britannia herself whose destiny is looked over and protected by God' (p.
29) The profession's growing respectability, both in England and America, was apotheosized in 1895 in the knighthood of Henry Irving, England's greatest actor, and the first of his profession to receive the honor.
I claim that Barthes' statement is true only insofar as a limited being (the author, historically and psychologically bounded) is apotheosized as the source of all meaning for a particular text (a modernist position).
16) He is ultimately martyred by the authorities and then apotheosized into Saint Hugh by his fellow shoemakers who reverently gather up his bones.