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Synonyms for apotheosize

to raise to a high position or status

Synonyms for apotheosize

deify or glorify

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Jim Sheridan's The Boxer (1997), its tendency to caricature and apotheosize notwithstanding, presents us with a tale of the control that the IRA and the spectre of political violence exert on the film's characters.
hardly serves in an "imperialist" way to "resurrect the authority" of a Western tradition in literary criticism, my own book - which while focusing on Western literature emphasizes a conflict within it, from the ancient Greeks to the Victorians, between the idealistic exponents of ethical natural law and the realistic or cynical Thrasymacheans - does not serve to apotheosize "Western values.
bureaucrats contains so many judges who apotheosize the
Ultimately, the apotheosis of Renaissance culture should be understood as part of an effort to apotheosize culture itself.
Certainly, Wright is not the first poet to write a work that apotheosizes and celebrates his lady's beauty.
Frost, in other words, is a self-performing producer who posits artmaking as inescapably inflected by, on the one hand, a global ideology that apotheosizes productiveness, and, on the other, an art world that's become the glossily contoured province of a leisure class.
Indeed, the film apotheosizes Father Christopher as a Christ-like martyr when the UN convoy departs and he "refuses to leave his people and courageously sacrifices his own life in order to save a single truck load of children from certain death" (Cook 172).
The conclusion of The Elementary Particles apotheosizes science and its capacity to conquer the contingencies posed by self and other, by time and place.
For the historical and aesthetic importance of this style Austen won a place in the canon of literature, which almost apotheosizes her unstraying self-consistency.
One unduly demeans man, the other apotheosizes him; both strip him of contact with things as they are and demand to be.
For three decades Benjamin Barber, a professor of political science at Rutgers University and director of the school's Walt Whitman Center for the Culture and Politics of Democracy, has carried the banners of Rousseau and of the Thomas Jefferson who apotheosizes a nation of virtuous and politically vigilant freeholders (although, as we shall see, not the Jefferson who affirms the priority of individuals' rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness).
Poe's arabesque literary style, as represented by the arabesque mode of decoration in "The Assignation," explores a romantic subjectivity that embraces the trauma of the sublime image and apotheosizes the vision of death that it offers as a vision of continuity.