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use an apostrophe


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He noted that HASPED was recognized by Webster's Third by the lightface entry -ED following the main entry HASP, and argued that the apostrophized entry was also "recognized" by Webster by virtue of the entry ar APOSTROPHE which cited examples like JUDG'D and WISH'D.
Apostrophized anonymously as "my friend" two stanzas from the end of the canto, Wingfield is named and his death characterized in a footnote, where Byron also eulogizes by name C.
46) Smith's appropriation of Artaud suggestively coincides with his own growing problematization of film as an autonomous medium (which he had earlier apostrophized as a visual art, against language, in terms reminiscent of Artaud's defense of silent film) and his adoption of a hybrid multimedia practice in which he would never again complete a conventional movie.
What is most obviously, glaringly, missing from the Apostrophe Trilogy, of course, is its third part, the part that was to have been formally delivered in the second person, was to have directly apostrophized You.
The unquenchable desire for epic, "to apostrophize or summon," has not been skinned over: but what now can be apostrophized or summoned?
74) In his twentieth sermon, for the feast of the Assumption, Aelred apostrophized Mary in detail and at great length, extolling her place in the cosmic order.
Our "Mute- Steroptic Emanation" (117) as he is described, is himself named, apostrophized and contracted in the letters telling of his comings and goings.
The largest and most sumptuous fleet was that of the Phoenician mini-kingdom of Tyre-Sidon, apostrophized in Ezekiel 27:4-5.
In the former, love is apostrophized as "a sublime essence" and as the "soul of the universe, principle of all existence" in which the lover looks for "expansive power" and "equalizing justice" and is led to ask: "Where is the law of nature in the sentiment I experience?
As Mercutio apostrophized Romeo with his scornful catalogue: "Romeo
His seeming obliviousness may hide the not inconsiderable pleasure he takes in playing along with the performance of his West Indian Negro brother in front of the white audience: the inquisitive Brit and the text's readers, the "white men" so urgently apostrophized in the book's title.
The use of an identifiable Ukrainian's tragic story in which the victim is apostrophized by suknatskyj develops a sense of Ukrainian-Canadianness characterized by imagined links to Ukraine.
Finally, in the Prologue to the Legend of Good Women, both the God of Love and the apostrophized daisy affect the narrator's agency.
Madam Jazz is O'Siadhail's muse, apostrophized in "Hail
The monks apostrophized here all supported Reuchlin and endorsed his call to study the biblical languages.