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address to an absent or imaginary person

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the mark (') used to indicate the omission of one or more letters from a printed word

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The "O" of the apostrophic ode is, in Jackson's argument, the generic address par excellence of lyric overhearing.
The lyrics call to you, the listener, or an apostrophic placeholder summons "you" using the familiar tu form of intimate address.
His commitment to a particular kind of social space and linguistic practices within it undergirded Bourne's apostrophic condemnation of Typee's publicity.
These apostrophic lines are thoughts put into words, but not externally communicated.
A book being always a tacit claim to acquaintante with all humanity, Huck's self-authorization is a re-inscriptive, apostrophic letter or more accurately epistle to the world--the world that never really wrote to him thus far.
Psychiatry and the control of dangerousness: On the apostrophic function of the term "mental illness.
don't let these girls drive off a bridge on their way home from that party," a plea or warning to the girls issued in the form of an apostrophic prayer.
Who would not detect Dante's famous apostrophic invective against Florence: "Godi Fiore nza perche sei si grande" (Inf.
The law itself is seen as somewhat apostrophic, appealing `to an abstract concept as determinant of a particular matter in dispute' (p.
For example, in place of al-Majusi's prolix apostrophic address to Galen, Constantine inserted a list of sixteen medical works from the Greek tradition.
For if anything is remarkable about the subject/object relation in the Nightingale ode or To a Skylark, it is the way in which it subserves the male poet's recovery of polymorphous sexuality: the object of inspiration is interpolated, through the apostrophic mode, as object, but the subject's relation to it (dramatised in both poems in extraordinary images of abandonment and penetration) is also passive and receptive.
After partaking of the suspended effect of apostrophe--exemplified by the lamentations, prayers and spoken rites of the opening section--the poem further inducts readers into a purgatorial mode of progress with its soliloquies) (31) The apostrophic quality of Gerontius's cries, "Jesu, have mercy
14) In this apostrophic lyric temporality, which "suspend[s] the referential aspect of the poem," a liminal condition is created that models the intercourse of life and death (144).
Once I had that line, though, I realized that the opening had changed from being apostrophic to being more of an announcement of subject.
Virgil in his double apostrophic function as author and literary figure marks not only the transition from scholarly to vernacular language but also from a living to a dead language.