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address to an absent or imaginary person

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the mark (') used to indicate the omission of one or more letters from a printed word

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They occur in the passages where children are addressed collectively, but also where the speaker addresses adults, that is in the apostrophic poem directed to people of different social groups, as well as in three prayers, and in Crowley's acrostic.
But Hayden's careful deployment of the poem's narrator and of its lyrical, apostrophic mode unveil the ways in which recognition remains a central trope in the poem.
148-49), followed by the apostrophic introduction of "O Cocodrille ancien ennemi" (v.
But while the survivor speaks to someone, he also speaks for someone, asserting an apostrophic function that reanimates both the dead and the self.
Melford Spiro, taking a syncretic approach, notes that the interlocking systems of nibbanic or canonical Buddhism, kammatic Buddhism or the transfer of merit between individuals, and apostrophic Buddhism or the curing of illness and defence against demons, form one religion.
Consider Shelley's apostrophic poem, "Ode to the West Wind.
Not for "Lloraras"'s familiar narrative of the feminine figure as heartbreaking is it featured here--although great lyrical pleasure is taken in singing to the female apostrophic "traitor" (traicionera) and "liar" (mentirosa), which recycles the hyper-hetero-masculinity of many salsa lyrics, as discussed by Frances Aparicio in Listening to Salsa.
Again, the couplet is key, this time in the tone and diction indicated by the apostrophic "dear.
These connections also help to focus the contrast between the lively competition of the birds for a mate and the speaker's mournful contemplation (1-4), while the 'absent' female figure impels the apostrophic 'O dreary fields' and the sense of lonesomeness (5-8).
The first ten paraphs happen to mark stanzaic heads as well as apostrophic statements.
Rather than merely facing the nation on its ableist terms, Redden's apostrophic poems actively work to give the nation a face--a new, more diverse face that includes women, people of color, and the deaf Through the use of apostrophe and the lyric "we" in her poems, she attempts to constitute this more expansive and sympathetic national identity as well as her own identity within it.
Byron, in the prefatory epistle to his satirical poem The Waltz, An Apostrophic Hymn (1813) refers to 'a d--d see-saw up-and-down sort of tune, that reminded me of the "Black Joke'.
This idea of reformative sympathy carries forward into the backgrounds of the ekphrastic "King of Rome" and the apostrophic "St.
tu tambien") is an apostrophic interpellation that implicates the reader (and the audience) not only in Roberto's pain but also in his virulent indictment of the politicking that has alienated him from loved ones on the island.
detachment, skips between apostrophic Standard English and orthographic