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Synonyms for apostolical

proceeding from or ordered by or subject to a pope or the papacy regarded as the successor of the Apostles

of or relating to or deriving from the Apostles or their teachings


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One who adheres to the antient COR constitution of the state, and the apostolical hierarchy of the church COR of England, opposed to a whig.
12) Similarly, Matthew Kellision, Professor of Divinity, and from 1613 head of the English College at Douai, challenged English Protestants to "Shew us the origin of their Churches, let them unfolde the order of their bishops which successors, so runneth on from the beginning to the Apostles or apostolical men which lived in the Apostles time.
The first canon of the Apostolical Canons, a set of nonconciliar canons that originated prior to the First Ecumenical Council and were believed (especially by the Eastern Church) to have been set down by the Apostles themselves, proclaimed "Let a bishop be ordained by two or three bishops.
These two closely related principles--selection or ordination of episcopal candidates by an episcopal synod and prohibition against secular interference in episcopal appointments (the thirty-first Apostolical Canon was quoted verbatim)--are repeated in the third canon of the Second Council of Nicaea, which declared that:
Furthermore, the Kormchaia Kniga, the canon law in use by the Medieval Russian Church, contained the texts of the Apostolical Canons, the Ecumenical Councils of Nicaea, Chalcedon, Ephesus, and others; regional councils such as the Councils of Antioch, Carthage, and Sardica (modern-day Sophia, Bulgaria); as well as patristic and other ecclesiastical writings.
16) In fact, the opening lines of the Regulation are very similar to the fourth canon of the First Ecumenical Council (First Nicaea) and the third canon of the Second Council of Nicaea, as well as the thirty-first canon of the Apostolical Canons (the latter quoted above by Kiprian).
Albert Henry Newman, "Baptist Churches Apostolical," in Baptist Doctrines: Being an Exposition, in a Series of Essays by Representative Baptist Ministers of the Distinctive Points of Baptist Faith and Practice, ed.
We deeply regret that the witness of the Church of England to the apostolical principle of churchmanship has been weakened by the part taken semi-officially in the world missionary conference.
17] It was with him that he argued about the questions raised concerning justification after he read Sumner's Apostolical Preaching, which he finished on August 24, 1824.
The jurisdictional powerlessness of Anglicanism is confirmed by the very source from which Newman encounters the "palmary words" of Augustine--an article in the Dublin Review written by Cardinal Wiseman, which claims that, because the Anglican Church persists in an unlawful state of schism, it cannot claim "a share in apostolical succession" and is "incapable of any act of valid jurisdiction.
Bunting, as Methodist editor, was hopeful that the high-church Anglicans were impressed by Nonconformist support for a "true Apostolical succession, residing not in a succession of officers, but in a succession of the whole mass of believers.