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  • verb

Synonyms for apostatize

to abandon one's cause or party usually to join another

Synonyms for apostatize

abandon one's beliefs or allegiances

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They had already apostatized many times, but their torture continues.
A supporter of Shabbetai Tsvi long after he apostatized, de Barrios interweaves into his poems both his dreams for the lost messiah and his dreams for America.
It has been estimated that from one quarter to one third of the approximately twenty-five thousand Christians held captive in Algiers during the second half of the sixteenth century apostatized (Garcia Arenal and Bunes 244).
Having told the devastated Rodrigues about the anazuri that Ferreira himself underwent, Ferreira vehemently pronounces: "The reason I apostatized .
It is reported, for example, that immediately after the death of Mohammed, many tribes apostatized.
That in turn may have been a motive behind the year he spent in Israel, visiting the holy places: perhaps it was to expiate having apostatized to save his life.
Nor is there any ambiguity in Jane's scathingly anti-Catholic letter to her father's former chaplain, who had apostatized.
Witnesses believe that toddlers and even infants are equally culpable with their parents, a teaching they base on that ever-loving book, the Bible, and hence see no reason to associate with the condemned children of apostatized parents.
61) If a family joined a community and over the years certain members of a family apostatized, they would leave in the following order: oldest son, other male children, father, daughters, and finally the mother if she would depart at all.
His conversion, which aimed primarily at national salvation, is an achievement of an American missionary William Wirt Lockwood (1877-1936), not the result of reading Lev Tolstoy's writings as Nie himself claimed exclusively when he reconstructed his autobiography after he apostatized from his belief of Jesus Christ.
Widely regarded as one of the prime literary works about the Christian faith along with Graham Greene's "The Power and the Glory," "Silence" is based on a true story of a Jesuit missionary who goes on a mission to locate his mentor in seventh century Japan, during a large wave of Christian persecution, after learning that he's apostatized.
The Mahometans, who own but one true God, at first borrowed the notion from the scriptures: for the first Mahometans had been educated in the Christian religion, and apostatized from it" (p.
Yet there I was, writing his editor, Judith Jones, to request the proof pages of his final book, Endpoint, before its publication, so that I could mine it for evidence that Updike had not apostatized.
It is also not the function of the NRD to ensure that Lina has properly apostatized.