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  • verb

Synonyms for apostatize

to abandon one's cause or party usually to join another

Synonyms for apostatize

abandon one's beliefs or allegiances

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62) Lawson also characterized the exaction of tithes as Antichristian and a product of the reign of the beast, and he pointedly warned all Protestants to "keep not a Rag of the Whore's Garment, not one patch of her Earthly Traditional groundless Ornament, that the Beast, the Law-giver in spiritual Sodom, the apostatized Church, nor any of the Locusts that arise out of the Smoke of the Pit, may not boast that you are enriched by their Merchandize.
But as long as you have not officially apostatized in writing; the Catholic Church still counts you among its followers in order to increase its power
A second instance where Cyprian sought the common accord of the faithful was in the readmission of Christians who had apostatized during persecution.
Is it someone who meets the definition of canon law: a baptized person who has not apostatized or joined another church?
10) Endo's Ferreira, however, is somewhat more sympathetic and ambiguous than his historical predecessor, who remains "the only known case [from the period] of a priest who apostatized, was set free by his persecutors, and then worked devotedly for their cause" (11)--but, even so, he remains a very bad priest even in his fictionalized self, preying as he does upon Rodrigues's compassion and tempting him to an apostasy that confuses the competing goods of a physical salvation from torture, pain, and death with the more traditional spiritual salvation of a happy death or martyrdom.
A1-Tabari relates an incident from the Prophet's last years, in which Musaylima, who had apostatized and "posed as a prophet, and played the liar," sought to attain the same stature as Muhammad by fabricating rhymed verse that mimicked the Quran.
It may seem counterintuitive, but Nilakanth the saboteur was actually a seeker, and so the denouement of his confrontation with missionary Smith need not be delayed by withholding the fact that Nilakanth eventually apostatized and converted to Christianity, receiving at baptism the name "Nehemiah.
The medieval Church based this view on the Irenaean tradition that Nicolas of Antioch had been counted among the seven deacons chosen by the apostles in Jerusalem, but one who subsequently apostatized.
In 1658, at the height of persecution, 609 Christians were arrested, of whom 411 were executed, 78 died in prison, 20 suffered life imprisonment and 99 apostatized.
Faced with a real test of their faith, many believers cast off their last shred of Christianity and apostatized.