aposematic coloration

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conspicuous coloration or markings of an animal serving to warn off predators

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Aposematic coloration and mimicry in opistho-branch mollusks: new phylogenetic and experimental data.
together and individuals that are more widely spaced, or between transects that have higher or lower concentrations of caterpillars Questions Learning Areas How do predators find Camouflage Aposematic coloration Mimicry and choose prey?
Teneral adults and late instars show presumably aposematic coloration while sclerotized adults are dark brown (Fig.
Many animals and insects that taste awful, sting or can otherwise turn a good day sour have adapted this warning-label strategy, known as aposematic coloration.
Among them the genus Eumaeus (Lycaenidae) presents aposematic coloration in all its life stages.
The hypothesis was that plants using aposematic coloration to advertise physical armaments might be protected from future bouts of herbivory if herbivores associate color or a color pattern with unpleasantness.
Striped skunks rely on aposematic coloration and behavior to repel predators (Walton and Lariviere, 1994; Lariviere and Messier, 1996).
A suite of characters including chemical defenses, camouflage and aposematic coloration, and behavioral traits is involved in the evasion of predators.