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Pituitary apoplexy (PA) which occurs due to ischemic or haemorrhagic infarction of pituitary adenomas is a serious and life-threatening complication (1).
Surgery is also recommended when the incidentaloma is abutting or compressing the optic nerves or chiasm on magnetic resonance imaging, when a patient is experiencing pituitary apoplexy with visual disturbance, or if a patient has a hypersecreting tumor other than a prolactinoma, according to the guidelines, which appear in the Endocrine Society's journal (J.
A clinical diagnosis of pituitary apoplexy with severe hypopituitarism was made, and the patient had immediate fluid and electrolyte replacement, hydrocortisone and T4 replacement.
The Islamic Republic started inserting nuclear fuel into its power reactor in Bushehr Tuesday, sending many commentators in the West into apoplexy and prompting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to come running to Iran's defense.
6 3 years RMB 29,030 Total Staff Salary RMB 13,327 3 years RMB 39,981 Physician Salary RMB 43,134 3 years RMB 129,402 (6 physicians) Pharmacy Expenses for RMB 31,720 3 years RMB 95,160 793 Patients Total Cost over 3 Years RMB 293,573 Table 8: QALY of Apoplexy Patients in Bao Shan District (1997) NUMBER ITEM MALE FEMALE TOTAL 1 Residents of Bao Shan Expected 12.
With that rather silly phrase - an example of the kind of sloppy use of language that debases even everyday discourse today - BP chief executive Tony Hayward has sent most Americans into a state of apoplexy.
The term apoplexy has faded, and the term stroke has become common place in the medical setting.
THE officials at Lords cricket ground had apoplexy this week when it was suggested the venue was planning to fund its redevelopment by offering to name itself after a corporate sponsore although stands there are already named after former players.
One night, the black halls steeped in shadow, Edgar felt that fact, the specter of his own fears: bodiless, he shrieked, sheet-covered, frightening those graven images at whist, cards spilled, Virginia's scions spooked and startled, Allan on the verge of apoplexy, blackest cataract at which Poe laughed, now fatherless to the grave.
I was worried the language in Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA (9pm, Channel 4, 6 February) would be toned down after the apoplexy in the press following Gordon's Great British Nightmare, in which 312 swear words were used in 103 minutes.
Joan Cusack explores the outer reaches of apoplexy as Hauser's Tamerlane liaison.
Abdominal apoplexy is an uncommon disorder, typically due to atheromatous vascular disease, inflammatory processes such as pancreatitis eroding into large blood vessels or vasculitis.
So synonymous is the Irishman with Manchester United's success down the years, the mere sight of him emerging from the visitors dug-out was enough to send the home supporters into a state of apoplexy.
I can't imagine too many Jags fans would have suffered apoplexy at the so-called gesture.
Ruben's nudes would drive today's obesity warriors to apoplexy.