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(botany) a natural swelling or enlargement: at the base of the stalk or seta in certain mosses or on the cone scale of certain conifers

(anatomy) a natural outgrowth or projection on an organ or body part such as the process of a vertebra

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Apophyses short and wide with anterior edge broadly rounded, connected by a wide V-shaped sinus.
Jager and Kunz (2005) diagnosed males in an identification key by their distal embolic coil and the presence of tegular apophyses.
Apophyses posteriores rather long, straight, apophyses anteriores relatively short, apically slightly curved.
The hole finished more than 600m below any possible extensions of the mixing zone mineralisation, targeting the hot intrusion bleaching and altering the Chim Formation shales over hundreds of metres in the bottom sections of many earlier drill holes, and suspected to contain several porphyry apophyses which are the source of the mixing zone gold mineralisation.
Total length up to 45 mm; general color straw yellow; stigmata rounded; metasomal segment V: VL carinae with 2 or 3 large, tall tubercles or small apophyses in the middle, which are clearly distinct from the remaining granules in the row; denticular margin ofthe movable finger ofthe pedipalp chela with 9 or 10 oblique granular rows.
Recent aeromagnetics flown by Indomin indicate annular magnetic highs around apophyses of the Sukadarna granite.
The male is easily separable by the larger tibial apophyses of the palp, but the female is difficult to recognise, but has longer accessory glands.
Papillae anales intermediate in size; apophyses anteriores and posteriores narrow and long; ostium sclerotized; ductus bursae sclerotized at middle; corpus bursae long with a remarkable signum (Fig.
The great size of the intrusion is highlighted by the massive zone of altered sediments "the baked Chim Formation" (caused by heat from the intrusion which is a large central body considered likely to be surrounded by multiple peripheral porphyry apophyses such as intersected in NEV027 resulting from the final successive phases of porphyry development and mineralization as the central body cools) and starts at approximately 385mdown hole depth down to the intrusion at 1,046m.
The male palpal tibial apophyses of the new species are different from other Taira species: RTA small, DTA located distally.
Female genitalia: Ovipositor 3x longer than A7; apophyses posteriores very slender, 2x as long as apophyses anteriores; apophyses anteriores needle-like, basal 1/4 very slender.
In addition to the above two holes planned to test the high-grade gold zone, the program will incorporate a number of deep, ~1,000m holes to target the large intrusion at depth causing the strong baking of Chim Formation shales observed beneath the "Main Zone" mixing zone mineralisation, and test for peripheral porphyry apophyses with associated mineralisation (the postulated feeder zone to the overlying mixing zone mineralisation encountered high above), similar to that encountered in the Waruwari deposit at Barrick's (TSE:ABX) Porgera mine.
Papillae anales short and broad; apophyses posteriores thin and long; apophyses anteriores short and small, trianglar at base; ostium bursae slightly sclerotized; ductus bursae long, 1.
92 g/t Au above the main mineralised zone, extending to near surface and considered to be related to fault-controlled apophyses of mineralised intrusions.