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any of several kinds of reproduction without fertilization

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Apomixis is universal in Taraxacum, some species has very high rate of apomixes, which have great potential application value.
Mangosteen is known as a type of fruit plant which has no morphological and genetic variation in its population owing to its reproduction process by mean of apomixes mechanism (Wester, 1926; Horn, 1940; Cox 1976; Verheij, 1991; van Dijk and van Damme, 2000).
2011) consider Hylocereus ovules as amphitropous, bitegmic and crassinucellate, which during mega-gametogenesis and embryogenesis show abnormalities, suggesting apomixes.
Some of these maps, allowed the mapping of genes associated with agronomical characteristics of interest, such as dwarfing, fruit acidity, number of seeds, apomixes, male sterility, resistance to salinity, resistance to the nematode (T.
Imagine, for example, small, nontoxic molecules that delay flowering or trigger apomixes.